Luminous car Concept - EEVEE

Hello everyone !
I just wanted to explore a little further Eevee. I wanted to share you the result !
Here you can find HD version and more pictures. Please click :

This concept car rolls through the 2550s and is equipped with the latest technologies that exceed our imagination.
The human is no longer what we know, and is now in a parallel universe.
This vehicle is designed to transport a person in a lying position, able to reach extraordinary speeds !

Also, I take this opportunity to tell you more about the usage of Blender in my work. I am an industrial designer and mechanical engineer. I passed my teenage years to learn Blender and have fun with it, without though that I could use it during my career. But now I work as designer of product in a designer company and I use Blender very often, sometimes every day. Blender have a big place in the industrial world and I am happy to see that this free software continue its journey.
Of course, my work is not about create artistic/abstract pictures like what I show you today. But it’s very powerful to modelling quickly our ideas or shapes before starting the CAD work on Solidworks for exemple. Also, I prefer make renders with Blender than Keyshot.
Blender is my favorite software, I use it from the 2.48 and I’ll continue to use it, for sure.

Thank you and I wish you a good day !

HD version :

Thanks again.