Luna 1

During the long rendering process, I fortunately or unfortunatery struck upon
other story than this. It seems to me more interesting. But already having spent much time and much electric power, I call this “finished” for now.
Enjoy! C & C are welcome.

The animation is here.
Mpeg1 7.4MB

Overall, I really liked it.

A minor issue though. The hand movements up and down the neck are incorrect. For lower notes, the hand placement should be higher up on the neck and for the higher notes, it should be closer to the body of the instrument. Some of the higher notes, you have the hand placed near the top of the neck.

It was a little bit dark as well. That may have been intentional. I don’t know though.

Nice piece of music too.


Doesn’t this depend upon which string the bow is adressing?

I really liked this work, Caplicon. I must say that you take on very challenging scenes in your music/dance animations - and you accomplish them very well! I’m guessing you’re looking forward to the armature rewrite in 2.40, eh? Should make your life much easier.

Along the same lines as BgDM’s suggestion, I would consider it much more realistic to incorporate the “shake” (for lack of a better word) that one usually sees in the hand pressing the strings on the cello’s neck (to achieve “vibrato” I think its called?) This would most certainly be a pain to animate, but it would add a whole new level to the authenticity of the animation.

Very good aura and feel to this scene!

Overall the modeling is great and the animation is great, one thing though that I noticed and it really stuck out and kind of ruined it for me was that the left hand had the right movements, but your right that at some point it would have been nice to see the hand shake on a string or two, but the right hand was kind of in a slow back and forth movement. In that piece of music it would have required that the right hand move much quicker in some places to truely create those notes that are in the music. Basically,what I’m trying to say is your left hand animation work is great, but you need to go back and work on the right arm movements a bit more. Would be kind of nice too to see some emotion if the womans face some times when she reaches a high note or a complex part to the piece of music. Great work though!!!

Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you liked it.

Thank you for beeing stayed tuned to my works.
I also noticed that the “shake” would bring more reality to this animation.
But as you say, it was a pain to do so. Sure, I’m ardently looking forward to
the new animation system in 2.04.

Thank you for your comment. In the process of building this animation
I too tried to make some variations of right arm movement.
Due to the hardness to controll the bow’s angle correctly, I might reconcile
myself to it. I think it’s worthy to retry. Thank you again.

A minor note: the title credits in the end last too short. I had to replay the video four or five times just to be able to read them entirely.

As for the rest of the work I agree with the other comments, but my general opinion is that the work is one that encloses a lot of beautifulness. I really liked it. Congratulations.

Yes, it is beautiful. And I’d like to see it get the little finishing touches that it deserves, even though that means more work.

Let’s not dismiss the potential commercial value as a demo of … beauty. The setting makes you feel relaxed; the power of computer animation is realized (a la Fantasia); and you watch it and just enjoy it the first time. Then you start to lean a little closer to the screen … maybe on the second or the third run-through … and you start to study her movements, her posture and her expression as she plays. … :o She’s really playing it! … :o …

Yet, she is absorbed in the moment and in the music, and she invites the viewer (no matter how critical and academic the viewer may try to be while be viewing it) to do the same. That’s the magic. So if it’s got “magic,” and if every little detail of that performance also “rings true” technically, then it’s gonna have a very strong impact upon anybody. What better demo could you hope to have?

Alas, the animation is going to have to be synchronized, precisely frame-by-frame, to the music. Every nuance of the phrasing is going to have to be matched in a convincing manner by the performer.

juanjavier thank you very much.

Thank you very much sundialsvc4.
You have a good style and a unique point of view.
We can find out your well-matured posts everywhere in elYsiun.
I think you are an excellent critic.

Nice work, a project like that is really difficult to get convincing and you are really close. I noticed some details that could be corrected quite easily. First of all it would look more real if the cellist would put her left hand on the fingerboard when she is about to begin playing. Now it looks like she is resting her hand on the cello in the beginning of the clip, but then it turns out she has her hand ready for the first note. If she would raise her left hand and put it in place a short monment before the right hand draws the first tone it would look more real.

Another small detail is that her right elbow is too low which forces her wrist into some strange positions. You can try to make the arm go into the hand at a almost straight line when it is possible (now there is a almost 90 degree turn).

The movement of the bowhand is could also be corrected. Now every bowstroke begins from rest, then accelerates into a more fluent motion before again slowing down at the end of the stroke. This would lead to a crescendo dimminuendo effect (the tone would begin really soft, then get stronger and finally die out) at every bowstroke. In other words, the bow speed should be almost unchanged during the stroke. I do not know how you have rigged you cellist, but a possible way to make it look more real is to animate the bow at a (more or less) constant speed and let her arm and hand follow as they come naturally. This way would not be perfect but probably an improvement.

As a last suggestion I would advice you to get a real recording of this Bach suite instead of this midi version. It would make a huge difference.