Lunaerix - Sketchbook

Greetings all.

About 13 years ago, I found myself dabbling in a program called Lightwave. I didn’t get to make much of it as shortly thereafter I ended up going to college and had no time. I’ve learned about Blender in recent years but have been shy about taking the plunge.

Udemy had a sale around Black Friday where you could buy courses for $10-15. I decided to stock up on some Blender courses, and I’ve been neck deep in learning ever since.

I know that improvement is best made through practice, so I hope to fill this sketchbook with Blender practice.

Here’s one of my first renders, through guidance from the “Learn 3D Modeling” course on Udemy:

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Another render from the “Learn 3D Modeling” course on Udemy:


Took what I learned from the Blender Guru beginner tutorials and put a silly spin on it.
Celestia model from Costache’s Gmod ponies on BlendSwap.

Haha nice! :smiley:

Thank you!

Modeling practice

When you’re learning to draw you draw from life, right? Figured it couldn’t hurt to do the same by modeling some items on my desk.

Geode "Sketch"

Screwing around with sculpting and particle effects. Sculpting is a ton of fun, and I’m looking forward to doing more of it.

Tried sculpting rocks using Vasquez Rocks and obsidian as studies.

Giving SculptJanuary a shot. Here’s day 1: Shark.

SculptJanuary day 2: Arm

SculptJanuary day 3: Female portrait

SculptJanuary day 4: Asteroid

With a Kerbal for scale!

Looks neat. For a second, I thought you were making one big sculpt with a WIP a day for Sculpt January. A bit disappointed I didn’t get to see a shark with big beefy arms. Keep up the good work.

Hah! I might have to pull those two blend files together now, for amusement’s sake. Thank you!

SculptJanuary, Day 5: Sphinx

And I’m 1000% sure I made it way harder than it needed to be.

SculptJanuary, Day 6: Vegetables

SculptJanuary, Day 7: Unicorn
Princess Luna from My Little Pony

SculptJanuary, Day 8: Turtle
Tank from My Little Pony

SculptJanuary, Day 9: Leg

SculptJanuary, Day 10: Male Portrait

Wilhuff Tarkin from the Clone Wars TV series.