Lunch Break

this refers to when the image was made, not a concept within it. my idea was “look at me, I’m cyborg dragon dragon/robertT”. I kid because I love.

Big, yes
Impressive, I’d say somewhat,
Confusing, very
overwhelming, yeah

pretty good for a lunch break


What is it?

ha ha ha :wink:


I think the objective of this work is to look and find what you think is in there. This can be open to many interpretations.

Rob I think your latest guitar piece is excellent by the way…I was just kidding around. nice portfolio. and thanks for the excellent artistic analysis icoxo. :D:D:D

I don’t understand, Why post your gallery in someone’s post? That makes no sense. If it was the title you were trying to show, then type it, but then again I could have just misunderstand what happened.

NR: What kind of shaders are we talking here? I am assuming thats noise for the bump?

FramedWorld: I think NodeRanger understands as my response was based on his initial joke (“look at me, I’m cyborg dragon dragon/robertT”) about me and Cyborg Dragon and abstract pieces :wink: my own thinking simply being that’s not all I do.

NodeRanger: Haha, no problem, NR :slight_smile: I knew you had to be joking.


this was just some creative lighting and a single cloud texture shrunk in mapto and mapped to inverse normal… like I said, we’re talking lunch break times

the modeling is organic arrays and a subsurfed 3d curve

Oh, an ongoing joke, thats cool. I wish I had friends to do that will sniff. Just joking! Anywho, after reviewing your work again, I feel that the scene could do with some darkening on the right. Just an opinion, so take it for what its worth. Have a nice day.