Lunch is Served

Hey guys,

Lunch is ready for those of you who are hungry. Recipe: Steak with Mustard and White + Green Beans

Blender Octane plugin, PT, 2000 samples, 4K render, 30 min and 40 sec.

Here is the link on my behance. Won’t mind if you appreciate it there as well :smiley:

Enlarge for awesome view & taste. :smiley:

Enjoy :wink:


The steak and the beans (at least, I think they’re green beans) look great. But if that’s rice, it looks terrible. Definitely needs work. Overall, though, great effort!

Beans they are indeed.

Mmmmmmmmmm … awesome work!

The steak is nice, same for green beans. Unfortunatly the rice look like cooked white beans. You should work on it again

They are what they look. BEANS :smiley:

that’s the recipe :wink:

Hell, didn’t saw the quote “green+white beans” :blush:

Steak looks really nice, but u must to work on this beans. They are too glossy maybe…

The steak very good. Especially like the texture, the searing and the slightly damp looking underside where it’s sitting in the juice.

The green beans look okay - can’t seem them all that clearly due to the (intended) blurring. For me the glossiness is ok as it look like they are glazed in butter, which is how I serve them.

However, the white stuff (white beans?) looks inedible. I think need to be more discernibly bean shaped with more varied orientations. There is a lack of shadow and surface texture. They are too flat.

The mustard look okay, but serially too little for my tastes. Plate and background are just about perfect.

Nutritionally the portion size are all wrong. Way too much meat on the plate. Need lots more green veg.

nice…I want it!..Please take a wire frame images

yeah I agree, the white stuff just doesn’t look like food I’ve seen.

Is there a reference photo for it?

A problem with the beans is that there is some overlap between the particles due to the fact that blender particles arent aware of each other. That is what makes them look wrong. I tried to fix for a while but just wanted to mive on to some other project

If you have the puter power you might want to make them sold body and drop them on the plate for a more realistic pile. Not sure that that would work but it’s just a thought.

I thought of physics and even took a glance at the molecular addon. That could work for the future. But it would be easier if blender particle system will be improved instead of spending time on simulations.