"Lunch Time" A documented process of making a short film


(Moosefoo) #1

I am working on a short film called “Lunch Time”. For now, most things are being created in 2.79 and then migrated over to 2.8. Production will most likely switch to 2.8 when the beta is released. Everything will be rendered with eevee.
This is the main character of the film. It went through some iterations to get to this final version.

(edit: I just came up with this character’s name. Automated Delivery of Meals or A.D.O.M for short.)

The robot started more pill like. There were two reasons for changing my design. Firstly, I wanted it to be more cute. Which gives a better juxtaposition to the morbid ending of the film. Secondly, it looks too much like the gen 6 robot from the Next Gen film.
Here was the original design.

(alf0) #2

amazing, cant wait to see more !!!

(Maurício Heberle) #3


Could give a hint of how did you do the eyes and mouth? Was it UV?

(Moosefoo) #4

Thanks! It’s just geometry. I have a transparency on the sphere shape on the head and the face shows through it.

(Moosefoo) #5

For this character I needed a rig with an infinitely extendable arm.
I couldn’t find any tutorials on this so it took me a few days to work out the rig exactly how I wanted it. It turned out to be rather simple, but hindsight is 20/20, right? Here are some gifs of the arm progress I made. I’ll be making a tutorial on it soon.


(Moosefoo) #6

The storyboard is being created with the new grease pencil tools in 2.8. This video is the first 40ish seconds of the film.
The grease pencil tools are really cool. I did have to reverse engineer someone else’s blend file to figure out how some things were done though. If anyone is struggling with the new tools I’d be happy to share some tips.

(The3DLioness) #7

Absolutely wonderful so far.
The character is adorable too.
Can’t wait to see the short film ! :heart:

(Moosefoo) #8

Working on a portion of the spaceship. It’s the first scene you see the main character.
I’m finding that modifiers have been amazingly helpful with this project. This consists of 3 different sections of the hallway. Pretty basic models. I then applied an array modifier and a curve modifier to it, which allowed me to create a curved hall.

(Moosefoo) #9

The hall is starting to come together. I need to add more details at the doors. Maybe some buttons or a panel of some kind.
I got a really interesting result when I plugged “UV Texture Coordinate” into the metallic node. I’m also playing around with the lighting and colors of the scene. I think color will add a lot more to the scene instead of what might be typical white lighting from florescent lights.

(Moosefoo) #10

Working out some more details in this scene. The left portion of the scene still looks a little empty. Not sure what I’m going to put there, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.


(Clockmender) #11

I guess this is the same way I do infinite extending chains, a mesh of one section, an Array Mod with the iterations set to “Fit Curve”, a Curve Mod and Hook Mods on the curve. Took me a looooong time to get there…

I will watch this thread!

Cheers, Clock.

(Moosefoo) #12

Yep, that’s how I did it. Then I had to figure out how to rig it to an armature.

(Moosefoo) #13

I’m working out the shader and how I can animate the robot turning on in a more appealing way.


I created a gradient glow with a color ramp. Setting the Texture Coordinate to object in the mapping allowed me to have the light animate per object instead of all at once. Then I animated the X location in Mapping.

(Clockmender) #14

I put a bone at each vertex in the curve that I wanted to move, then added a Hook Md for these vertices with the bone as the target. I never now parent a curve to another object, just use Hook Mods for every vertex with the non-moving vertices parented to the Root bone of the armature - that way I never get curves distorting due to them being rotated by a parent object.

Love the glow effect above, can you post an image of the node tree please?

Cheers, Clock.


Forget that I see you just have…

(Moosefoo) #15

I found an addon that will auto rig a curve. That worked pretty well.

(Moosefoo) #16

Reworking this scene to have better contrast with the character. The original blue LED trim lighting was washing out the character.