Lunch time

This is my latest render.
It all started out with a wasphead and ended up inb this scene.

C&C more than welcome.


Hey ! These wasps look really good ! It feels like they could come out of your screen at any time :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps you could improve your render with a little more post-prod and maybe why not try putting some tree shadows on the floor (and this texture repeats too much in my opinion). It lacks of a more pronounced atmosphere to me.

Apart from that, your scene looks great I like it !

Thanks for your comment!
Great suggestions, thanks.

very nice, I think it’d be better if the image was vertical, working a little on composition to have more impact. Plus, some hair on those wasps wouldn’t hurt ^^
but great work!

Thanks elbriga!
The wasps does have hair but it’s no so clear in the render.
Here are some studio renders. Seeing it now I realize the wings need more work.

I like the story telling in that render and composition . Simple natural instinct… Hunger. I like it :).

Thanks @keremetes