Hi folks!

Long time I think about point gravity physics model. It’s must be realy fun to play flight or action game, on tiny planets or asteroids. Unfortunately, i don’t know python, and i’m too lazy to learn it :D. This morning i invet a way to make it without scripting.

So here is my demo. Round planet, all rigid bodies in scene gravitating to it. Gravity is constant. No scripts used except

This is realy wired way to make it, but it works!

Use mouse to look around.
W,A,D,S - drive Lunokhod
spacebar - jet propulsion. Use it to climb out the craters, or to fly up, and become a satellite.
Enter - restart scene


Lunokhod-1PointGravity.blend (~10MB)

It’s not a game project. Feel free to use this demo wherever you want.
Thank you for your attention. And sorry for my English.


more screenshots


looks nice!

Прикольная игра, я пару раз улетал далеко в открытый космос)

Very… Odd.
It was quite interesting!

Nice! Very useful for simple space games.