Lure building

Hi alll, long time no see.

Seems like my blending days are gone, but i make sort of modeling still.
When kids was born, i really could not focus on blender anymore. I still carry fresh copy of Belnder on memorystick in my pocket, but i rarely eaven start it.

Luckily i like fishing and wanted to try to make lures. I found it fun and like with blender, i like to make things “my way”.

Now i’m making few mermaids for christmas presents and crafting(is it correct word?) reminds me of blending in old times, with no undo :smiley:

Anyway here is few of them

nice stuff. What are they made from?

Balsawood, with knife

What i wanna know is : Do the fish like them?

The paintjobs are sweet.

Fishes do like them, or atleast u can catch fishes with em jus like any other lures. When i tested those last summer with my friend i actually cought more fishes with my lures than my friend who was using bought lures:)

Painjobs are made with spraycans and sticks, but airbrush is in “things to get” list

Painting with kids are really fun too

Works in progress

hmm… if id be a fisher-man id sure like to buy one of those :smiley: actually if id have more money to spend id still like to buy one… >.<

Nothing is more fun to catch fish with your own lures. I got a pike with one of mine. Too bad it got bitten quite badly.

I haven’t seen mermaid lures before. Excellent idea. Those would sell well.