Lutece Machine WIP

After playing the excellent game of Bioshock Infinite, I decided to pay tribute to it by making my very own Lutece machine, what I want to do is place it within a room and look like its broken through the ceiling just like Lutece labs house.

This should be good practice to get blenders camera tracker working well for me as well as learning some special effects.

Progress so far with the model is below

What I would like to ask is if anyone who has played the game has a chance to get me some better reference footage/images of the machine as i’ve not got any saves and the images online are few and far between.

Also if someone knows of good ways to make jumping electric and a clever way to make a tear in blender I would greatly appreciate it.



I actually found the game has chapter selection so i managed to get a load of useful reference images (don’t know why i didn’t see it before)

so I’ve made a bit more progress on it and am almost done with model creation.

here is a new screenshot.

another quick question, if i was to do camera tracking, if i had a square room that was 5 meters cubed, how big would the room have to be in blender? would it be 5 blender units or something else? this is to make sure that the lighting works as it should.



Looking good :smiley: Not sure what the machine is though as I haven’t played the game :smiley:

I would tell you Paul but youre just going to have to play the game to find out, i actually dont think i could explain it all, its a little complicated. haha

but thank you, the next part is the part im not good at, UV mapping and texturing.

Decided I had a few more hours more of modeling so here is just another update without textures.

I added in the floor with the broken boards to the higher level, i hope to blend it in with video footage to make it seem like the device goes into the roof, may have to redesign it due to not knowing what room im going to record in.

Cant find a room big enough, may have to use a hall if it does not fit into my living room. eeep

okay so I’m not that good at UV mapping, is it possible to get some help from someone more experienced with UV unwrapping so I get a better idea of how to mark seams and reduce distortion.

This is what it looks like so far (a mess)

If someone would like to have a go at helping me then let me know, I have reference images to give a better idea of how it looks when finished.

this looks awesome so far, i can’t wait to see the finished result, Bioshock Infinite is my favorite game for the year so far.

yep it was such a good game, one il be playing through again once i get this made, I feel like ive hit such a hurdle, it was going so smooth until now, even figured out a way of making electricity in the mean time.

Whats the trick to getting cylinders that have part of it scaled down to map correctly, do I have to loop cut the ring each time I have a scale change?

I keep getting shapes like this that dont re-wrap well

That’s supposed to be a cylinder

I was half tempted to make the siphon from the statue in bioshock but I think that would have been too much

you can set blender to use meters instead of blender units it’s under the world settings tab

i don’t what to tell you about your uv mapping problem but as for the tears you could probably use the smoke simulator, i played with it and i think i got something that looks similar


ohhh that looks cool, and could work really well, but does it work with cycles?

ive become partial to cycles and have got used to its workflow, can this be done with just particle simulations?

i get what you mean about getting comfortable with cycles i’ve pretty much forgotten how to use blender internal, i only really use it for smoke sims:yes:, luckily you can use the compositor to mix a blender internal scene with a cycles scene you can use this blender guru tutorial just scroll down until you see “Volumetric Background” . I tried the particle system thing and it doesn’t look too good but maybe it could be tweaked.

yer i was kinda hoping to avoid doing a scene mix, i found it too fiddly, im sure i can figure something out.

ok good luck, i’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread:yes:

well the mesh is now unwrapped, with a few days later than id like it to have been, not even sure if I have unwrapped it correctly but here is a couple of snaps of how it looks with a text texture on it.

I know one or two of the maps are up side down but that’s more due to the fact that flipping it on one said flips it on the other, I’l compensate by drawing up side down on the texture.

Another question that I dont think people would be able to answer, but does anyone know of a good indoor space that I can record in that is bigger than 4x4 meters? any suggestions are welcome as I cant find a decent space so far.

Hey blender artisans

I had a good bash at getting the mesh unwrapped and textured the best I could and over a week later I think I’m almost there.

Here is what it currently looks like (with one or two older snaps).

Center Device textured V1.

V1 Textured Center Device with V1 Textured wood floor/roof, V1 textured frame and untextured cables.

V1 textured Center Device and V1 textured left and right coils.

I put V1 for version one, this helps remind myself and anyone else of the previous attempts at texturing because I know I will change stuff.

So what do people think so far? I’ve still got to sort out the frame and add more detail to the device like extra metal loops.

Be as critical and honest as you like, I like solid feedback to get things right.

Don’t think its turned out too bad for a first try. not in anyway an expert at texturing.

ok so something im going to try out now is to get electricity to look good in blender, this is the first try at it and need your feedback and tips on how to animate good electricity.

any comments about the above render or the previous images are more than welcome.


i had to make this little play render just because i thought it would look cool

Decided to have a little more of a play with the current state of the device, its not as easy as I thought to create a “portal” to Paris in blender using layers and masks. cool thing is though, if the circle expands more of Paris is revealed and vice versa

but my ultimate goal is to track some live action footage and put this in a room, anyone got any cool ideas on what I could do with it, have someone go through the portal to Paris? have it screw up and scatter a person into limbo?