Lux Render not rendering clearly finer aspects of the modelling

Dear All,

When I render this light bulb in Blender Internal / Cycles / Yafaray in 1920x1080, I can zoom in and even see the filament of the bulb properly

But that is not the case in Lux Render

Any idea why is that so?

You can down the file from the following link


Perhaps this thread from the Luxrender forum can help you.

As far as I know, the filter settings in Lux can be tweaked to be more like Cycles, so everything wouldn’t be near as blurred. I think it also mentions a Luxrender image getting sharper with the default settings with more samples, though in that case you might have to wait a week.

I don’t know why is this Luxrender forum showing me “permanently banned”

Okay, I have no idea what you did on the Luxrender forum, so we will avoid that topic.

I believe one of the reasons why Lux is blurrier is because of the different defaults it uses for filtering. To get something that’s closer to Cycles, switch to the gaussian filter and set the width value to 1.5. I believe the Mitch settings can also be adjusted for a sharper image, but with the risk of getting some ringing artifacts around very bright pixels.

I tried rendering it with the default settings, mitchell (border render) and I can see the details , perhaps a comparison of the filament from Cycles as a reference… perhaps it just needs to render long enough. It was clear enough to see the detail at ~100 spp (passes), heres it at 500:

I’m also testing SPPM, it seems to be giving some decent results on your scene, will upload a test soon.


Can you also help in caustics? I tried a lot but couldn’t achieve caustics light on the floor.

zeepal, did you zoom in to filament? What I meant by not much clarity is that I had the entire bulb in the picture and set the render resolution to 1920x1080

I used 2 machines (Master / Slave) and rendered it for almost 6 hours but still there is now clarity. Attached is the image.

Also there is no caustics effect. And the normal glass reflection is also bad. Maybe my render setup is not good.


Here is my SPPM render, using 30 million photons/pass, start radius 5, alpha 0.75. Rendered about 3 to 3.5 hours on a 2.2GHz Quad Core i7 (Sandy Bridge). The render was meant to be 5 hours, but it crashed partway through (overheat on hot day lol)

I noticed you were using the ex-photon mapping setup, and the caustic map generation was failing (idk how to fix that, but without it caustics won’t be present in your scene)

SPPM is a kind of progressive photon mapping, and generally produces better results. I’ve also done a render with the standard Bi-Directional integrator, only 40mins done now, and that seems to look decent as well.

Here is one hour of bi-dir+mlt, same laptop specs:

The upcoming CPU SLG Bi-Dir + VCM render mode would be a fair bit faster at this scene as well, as its a more simple RGB render engine.

Ok! Clarity is much better in this case. Can you share back the file which you used with SSPM?

Also one more thing to note is that neither their is shadow below the glass nor caustics. Which is making is look like raised in the air

Note: one issue I didn’t notice unfortunately was that Lux emits light in the normal direction… so the lamp was pointing up in this case :confused:

Can you try caustics effect and share?

Also write an email to me at [email protected]

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my friend zeepal, you were right. I also checked the same and found that the normals were facing upward. corrected it and the caustics has started showing up. So many thanks to you my friend :slight_smile:

Do some more test and share with me. Am also doing some stuff