Lux Render Texture Bug ?

Before i start:
i Run a Windows 7 64bit system.
i use Blender 2.60.
i use LuxRender 0.8 No OpenCL version
With LuxBlend25 weekly build as exporter.

The problem is when i want to load a texture and apply it to a material.
When i use the “use Blender texture” option and load a texture that is NOT exactly placed here: D:\Users\dt890\Desktop Will the texture not load and can’t be used or applied on a material and do not show in a Render.
I am Running both Blender and Luxrender as Administrator no difference.

When i place the Texture on my desktop (that it can detect the texture from) Will the following happen:
The texture do not show in the preview window but it can be applied on a material and is then visible.

If i use the “LuxRender Textures” option and choose “image map” Will the texture not load at all no matter where it is placed. And do not show in the preview or render.(obvious)

As a Note not any of the Blender generated textures or LuxRender textures don’t work either.

The render itself Work without any Problems. And the exporter script and Preview window Work to.

The console is not writing any error messages when loading the texture.

If the path is relative or not do not matter. The outcome is the same.