Luxblend 25 Bump Mapping problems

Hi, as the title says, im having problems dealing with bump maps in luxrender. i already put the bump map in the lux textures image map and assign it in the greyscale tab and also put it in the materials tab’s bump map [T] Button and go crazy with the values and put it into 1. I tried rendering it without the original wood diffuse color to see if the bump is working and in yeah, it is working. But, the problem is, doesnt look like a bump at all, it looks like a plain texture to me. although when i have tried using a procedural textures such as voronoi and clouds and rendered it i luxrender, isee the bump maps very clearly. another note, i used normal maps, displacment maps, height maps & ssbump maps as mapping image and the bump that should be visible is not that visible.


I am using Blender36710-LuxRender-Win32 which i downloaded in Graphicall.