LuxBlend .8 issues...

Hey guys,
I’m a fairly experienced Blender user on Mac, but I’ve never gotten my hands dirty trying to render anything outside of the internal renderer outside of a failed attempt at one of the 2.5 LuxBlend builds a while back. Now that apparently both are (relatively) stable, I thought I’d give it another shot. No dice. Despite installing both Blender 2.57 and the newest release of LuxBlend .8, I can’t get LuxBlend to work. The material preview appears to be rendering with Luxrender, but the GUI won’t launch and I always get the same black screen every time I hit render. I’ve tried a couple of others forums, but no one has been able to help me. I’m really hoping one of you can point out the obvious detail I must overlooking so I can finally start using LuxBlend. Please help!

I´ve tested your file and it work for me. Could you start blender from command shell (terminal) to get error messages?
Do you try luxblend for 2.49?
Tested with 2.57 r36281 and luxrender 0.8 RC2.

Cheers mib

It worked for you? Well, I’m running luxblend .8RC3 so maybe that’s the problem. I used luxblend with 2.49 a while ago but haven’t messed with it since 2.5 releases started rolling out. I’ll see what I can’t get that running.

Lucky you get anything at all. I can’t even get Blender 2.57 to even recognise that it’s there at all. I have followed the installation instructions to the letter and nothing happens. I run a 64 bit machine and downloaded the corresponding files for my windows version, nothing. IT’s as if it doesn’t exist in the required folder even though the folder containig it is quite obviously there.

I am placing the luxrender folder in:
c:users/myname/appdata/roaming/blenderfoundation/blender/2.57/scripts/addons. I make sure the py file is relocated as instructed within the luxrender folder from the python 3 folder and nothing. Any one else have the same issues?

Hope some one can help. my walls have large holes in them now.

Does it appear in the addons panel? Does it not let you enable it? If it appears in addons but can’t activate, start Blender from the console and post the error you get when trying to enable it.