I have downloaded both Luxblend and Luxrender ind i know how to run the python script “Luxblend” But i do not know what file to select for the "Path to the luxrender software


hello topcat,

select luxrender.exe for the software path

It still doesn’t work

place the inside the python folder of blender

The one in that folder is a copy. It is in: C:\Prgram Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts and the script is called “”

i assume you have loaded the script right?

the software path is the luxrender.exe, it should run.

When i click render this happens:

maybe it’s the space between Program and Files. Try putting Lux in a folder like C:\Temp and try again.

I’m on linux so I can’t be certain of that but it’s the usual problem with paths.

BTW what does the python error in the console say?

Have you got Python installed on Windows?

Yes i have installed python in Windows I will try moving the files