Luxcore Abstract Art

Another Test with Luxcore Volumetric system.
Some part rendered with Bidir engine and some
with path Gpu. Most of the lighting is done with spot
Light and Luxcore laser light :


I don’t get how after all this time Cycles can’t catch up to these features.

Cycles is a great engine for sure. But we must recognize his primary goal.
A flexible render engine for individual and small animation/VFX studio ( Even if it can be use in a big organisation from my POV ). It is artistic and animation oriented. in animation Frame/rendertime cost is crucial it can break or make a movie. and you don’t need 100% accuracy to make a movie this is why Unreal engine or Eevee can be use for that also.
Features like realistic Caustic or Bidirectional engine or Spectral engine can have a huge cost on render time. And Also theses kind of features are often incompatible with certain kind of artistic oriented features Cycles currently have.
Luxcore in the other end as been built with accuracy in mind ( Even if compared to Luxrender a great emphasize has been put on efficiency with different cache technic )
So It is good to have tools built for specific goals and Target.
It could be like Chaos group strategy where you have Corona render well suited for Architectural Viz and advanced rendering cases and Vray for Movies animation and VFX.
Most professional artists master at least 2 or 3 different render engine for that reason.
Luxcore can be integrated directly in Blender official builds and close the gap when cycles isn’t completelly efficient.
This can Help Cycles Development to be more focus on features related to the primary goal while helping attract users from other community to blender has Luxcore could be the tools covering features they may missed from Corona or octane or …

Or Blender fondation can decide to create a new engine like Disney did whith Hyperion render to cover all topic at once. But this approach is financially expanssive and will make other part of the blender project development slow down as blender isn’t only about the render engine.

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It seems to me that Blender Foundation should help the open source Luxcore development to make sure it’s fully and natively integrated into the latest LTS releases and that it works seamlessly with all nodes. It’s nearly there but it just needs a bit of help, and it needs pushing to all users so more people can discover its unique use cases.