Luxcore cozy interior

Rendering: Benjamin Arnela

Here I show you some renderings that he made this week, trying to simulate designs from furniture design magazines. this scene was made in 5 minutes, integrally modeled in Blender 2.82a. Rendered in Luxcore, post-processed in Corona Render Image Editor.

It was made in a margin of 3 days using multiple furniture that I had already designed, and on the other hand, using luxury furniture in this space. Thanks to the developer who introduced the angle in the lightplanes, they have fixed many problems that in luxcore, now suppose an emulation even faster than the fastest rendering engines of the moment.

other data:

0 lights, only used in the render the luxcore material lights, together with an angle of 49º for the lightplanes. 16 bounces specular, glossy 4, diffuse 4.

Final post-production with Affinity Photo & Publisher. Final resolution 2500x3000.

What else do you like about this space? Welcome reviews

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Very nice🙂

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This is amazing!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Beautiful interior! It looks so full of detail, but the colors are so coordinated that the eyes don’t get lost while keeping the main center focus.

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Very nice work. I am always a fan of Luxcore renders. Great job!

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scene was made in 5 minutes.

do what? render time or?

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Were these in Architectural Digest? :slight_smile:

Beautiful work!!

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yes time of render : D the modeling, texturing and making the lighting plus postpro take to me 1 day complete, 15 hours of work :smiley: thank you ask this question. have a nice day

thank you very much, I love luxcore and the speed of rendering :smiley:

Jaw Dropping!