Luxcore Grand Bereby House

You remenber this one : … f=3&t=3875
The idea was to create a serie of project done entirelly with Luxcore online library .

I happy to continue with this one also g r a n d__B e r e b y__H o u s e

All render are Done with Gi cache enable " really appreciate the speed bump and light quality improvement !
Render time was 2mn at 1k and arroun 8mn at 2K on a single RTX 2060. Considering I was running high settings
on path deph it is seriously fast. Not to mention that Auto portal wasn’t even activated.
Here are the results // Most internet Browser and image viewer tend to break original image saturation // so check with gimp for example to see true colors.
Hope you Like IT :

Here are the Cache settings for a project of this size :



marvellous! good work! I love the quality of the materials, thank you for sharing the settings of the photon light cache


Glad you Liked it thanks !

Btw for thoses using chrome or Edge color are completelly washed out and desaturated.
I see the problem to be solved with firefox.

Edit : In chrome you can bring back right colors by switching off hardware accelaration in
Settings==>> Advance==>> System like explained here :

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart Glad you Like It !