Luxcore is amazing (luxcore 2.6 works in Blender 3.0+)

… unless you think testing it on default settings is any clever

Jewelry render made with Luxcore 2.6 in Blender 3.2

Complete tutorial on Youtube


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thanks @bartv I happily surprised :relaxed: enjoy your weekend

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Nice work! This makes me eager to return to Luxcore again, but the drawback is usually that you need to revert to an older Blender version than the latest builds in order to get Luxcore working.


Thanks for your comment :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes indeed many people were sad…but, No no, not anymore, that is why I did this new tutorial and I am back to Luxcore… Luxcore 2.6 works great in Blender 3.2 , I took the time to explain what Luxcore latest build to install, check the beginning of the tutorial.

I was just like you, eager to see Luxcore work with the latest versions of Blender… And I am so happy this is happening :+1:t3::wink::blush: undoubtedly go and do the install right now


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That’s great news, thanks! I’m going to watch your video right away. :+1:

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I have started to work on Cycles to LuxCore material converter - don’t know where to post it


Luxcore already accepts Cycles materials

Nice. Please feel free to start a new post in this forum section:


Luxcore does not support all cycles compatible nodes though.

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I hope the Bevel node will work :smiley: good luck to you


I hope the Bevel node will work :smiley: good luck to you