Luxcore Residence Saturn

You remenber this one : … f=3&t=3875
And This also : … =3&p=32090
The idea was to create a serie of project done entirelly with Luxcore online library .

I happy to continue with this one also R e s i d e n c e__S a t u r n

It was one of this Eureka project you get while simply walking on the streer back to home.
Since this flash i was working to make it a reality. Thanks to the library i had only to focus
On the design process part. Was really funny to see how different some asset can look when
You apply a different material on them.

Render engine ======>> Path Tracer
Path Deph ======>> 64 specular /32 Diffuse / Glossy 16
Photon Gi cache ======>> On (10M photon count / 4 Radius Scale / 30°)
Render Time ======>> 10mn on single RTX 2060s at 2K
Software ======>> Luxcore 2.6 build /Blender 2.93.3

Initially want to make an animation But Wann’t risk my single RTX 2060s Gpu with the current market.
Plus It would be a 1K resolution animation With 60sc max budget per frame with lower settings.
For single frame the speed is really great at 2K. Couldn’t imagine how good it could be with AD_Russian Roulette

Anyway hope you Enjoy and give you inspiration for your Blender and/or Luxcore Project Too :

Here are the viewport capture for details:

You can download Luxcore here and install it like your regular addon :

And Download some free example Scene Here:

Tutorial Here :


:+1: Great work, congrats.

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Thanks you Glad you Like It !

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart !
It is always an Honor.