LuxCoreRender 2.0

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #181

Can you please upload a test scene that shows the problem?

(3DLuver) #182

here’s a quick video:

Ill upload to my server and send you a link to download by PM

It works if I switch to CPU render, Just not GPU

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #183

We now have a first release with Mac OS support, thanks to Rob.
Get it here:

If you have any problems, please report them in this thread.

Also, there’s a new tutorial:

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #184

Thanks to sharlybg, we have a new LuxCore example scene available:
Download from our example scene section.

(1500 samples + denoising, 22 minutes on an HD 7970 GHz GPU)

(3DLuver) #185

Hey BYOB, The video I showed above of the denoiser not working on GPU is the same on all scene’s ive tested (Even your official benchmark sene) so no point uploading my scene. As the video shows rendering works on the GPU but not the denoiser.

If I switch to cpu the denoiser works, so definatly a code issue, also if I enable the camera post process for bloom I get a kernel compile error.

Nvidia 750ti 2gb, Win 10 x64, Intel i5, 12 gb ram

Hope these issue can get resolved as looking forward to playing more with Luxcore.

Quick low res test trying to get to understand the lighting and materials setup in Lux:

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #186

Then I fear we’re stuck a bit, because I don’t have encountered this problem at all yet.
Did you change any settings in the benchmark scene? Or does the problem really happen if you just open it and press F12?

You could try to update your graphics driver.

It could be an OpenCL compiler issue as well, hard to tell.

This bug was already fixed (after alpha4 was released). The fix will be in the next release.

(3DLuver) #187

Yep just happens after loading straight in the benchmark scene (or any scene), I already have the latest drivers.

Well I really hope you guys can work out whats going on as the gpu rendering with denoiser was exactly why I wanted to use Lux. Even that little test image above took 8,000 samples on GPU and still was nowhere near noise free, If I could use the denoiser Lux would be a good choice for my arch viz work.

Cheers, Hope the problems get resolved.

Also one last thing, Any plans on having materials with textures show up in viewport, not being able to setup my textures on materials and tileing alignment etc makes haveing to use the rendered viewport to setup material textures and tileing is a mare.

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #188

Could you please open a github issue about your problem with the denoiser?

If we can’t reproduce the problem, we can’t fix it.

In Blender 2.79 this is rather cumbersome to do in the addon. I hope Blender 2.8 will make it easier, so I’ll take a look at this again when the 2.8 Python API is declared stable.

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #189

We have released v2.1 beta1:

(Piter) #190

Is it ability to edit Light Grops after render is done ?

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #191

The Blender addon does not support this, you can only edit light groups during the render. However you can pause at any time.
LuxCore itself supports this feature, but it is not available to end users in a user-friendly way yet.

(Piter) #192

thank you.Working great

(burnin) #193

Wow, nice!

But… tested the denoiser and found out that it doesn’t preserve texture details no matter what.

For example i compared it to appleseed’s version (i think both uses same BCD) and i found their’s is working as it should.

Here are results after 32 samples / both @ default denoiser settings (Scales 3, Patch Dist. 1)

Looks like there is something horribly wrong…

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #194

Which sampler did you use? The BCD works best with the Random sampler (needs uncorrelated samples).

(Dade) #195

You can adjust the Denoiser threshold histogram to decide the “strength” of the denoiser. The default value is 1.0, a smaller value will make the denoiser less intrusive while an higher value will smooth more pixels.

This is an example of a rendering with 64 samples per pixel (image pipeline #0) and a threshold of 0.25, 1.0 and 4.0 (image pipelines #1, #2, #3):

Keep in mind that, according the BCD paper, the denoiser should be used with at least 64 samples per pixel.

(burnin) #196

Sure, it was just a quick out-of-the-box test.
So I took both advices into consideration. Tried to match settings as best as i knew.
Did couple of tests and got pretty similar results:

Near equal quality at almost same rendering time.
(if it’s of any importance, appleseed also offers & uses smart cubic interpolation on applied textures)

It’s just the setup, where things slow down. Still, for a fresh implementation it is amazing!
Great work & thanks again for such a wonderful engine :+1:t4:

Have a wonderful holidays

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #197

We have released v2.1beta2:

Remember, if you already have the addon installed, you can update with a few clicks from the user preferences:

Also, Sharlybg has posted pictures from his latest project:
The I N D I N I E house

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #198

A small smoke rendering test:

You can download the scene here:

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #199

We have released the hopefully last beta version before v2.1:

Other than that, people have posted some great new renders to our Finished Projects forum.

(Martynas Žiemys) #200

Thank you for amazing work! :slight_smile: