LuxCoreRender 2.0

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #21

Thank you all for the kind words.
I hope that we can resolve all technical issues that some of you have.
We are still in beta, so a little bit of instability is to be expected - if you get a crash, please tell us in the bug tracker, even if it is not reproducible (those are the most nasty problems).

@Ace there is also this new article on SSS in Lux:
I see your point about the lack of control over volumetric textures.
You can make a feature request on github or in the forums.

(Lsscpp) #22

Hey, no more “convert cycles material”??

great news anyway, i’m giving it a little try, and i must say: quicker, easier, more reliable. A good competitor for cycles.
How comes though that i can’t get refractive caustics from plain glass??

(bluecd) #23

Have problem installing above: Python conflict: 3.6 vs 3.5

from .bin import pyluxcore

Cant find spoecified module…wtf?

(SunBurn) #24

I’ve been playing with it during the test phase and the improvement is huge.
Although I was always a fan of Lux this makes things much more comfortable.

I must now test it in a real “production” scenario.:eyebrowlift:

(<== Lost? Click Me) #25

Checked how other addons (rigify) dealt with subfolders in
Looks different to your implementation but I’m guessing that’s because they’re not loading Windows libs. Mentioning just in case.

Went to check the skp addon (searching another dll addon example) and encountered a similar error to mine on 2.79b.

Looks like a Blender change is playing a part in said errors.

Tried 2.79a and non OpenCL BlendLuxCore worked, OpenCL kept complaining as before (Win7 x64 Intel iGPU). No github account atm. Feel free to link or copy my posts if anyone wants to post a bug there.

(LazyVirus) #26

Gratz. I need to find some time to give it a try.
BTW got 2 main questions:
Does it have a denoiser?
Aside its own default tonemap, has it OCIO support (…cough…filmicblender…cough)?

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #27

Denoiser: not yet.

Yes, you can use filmic, Blender’s color management is supported in both viewport and final render.
You can also obtain an untonemapped image and make your custom tonemapping in the compositor.

(burnin) #28

you want to run it with daily? sadly still, no go
only to use with Blender versions 2.79a & 2.79b (python 3.5)

and remember, takes patience, as it just started the public BETA

(bluecd) #29 problem at all.
After its been explained I wait patiently. ));
Switched back to official 2.79b and WOW!
got a jawbreak. CONGRATS !


Really impressive the changes

(Masterblop) #31

Thank you very much!!! I’ve been waiting for it for a long time :Q

(Nazarii) #32

Wow! Renders seems to be very realistic. Maybe from now on, there’ll be more tutorials available.

P.S.: I think today’s evening I’ll spend playing with LuxCoreRender :eyebrowlift2:

(LazyVirus) #33

Thanks. I’ve just read in the forums that denoiser and light cache are devs’ priorities.
I think you guys have a good taste. They are game changers.

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(LuxCore Addon Developer) #35

Hey, no more “convert cycles material”??


Writing a good, useful material converter is almost a project of its own.
It would take a few weeks of dedicated full-time work on it.
If someone wants to step up and do it, I will give him all the help I can.

(English is not my native language) #36

Is Mesh Lights working for you on Linux? I have not found any report about it, maybe I do not know how to configure node material.

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #37

They are working here. The node setup is simple, just click the “add” button on the emission socket of any material node.
Maybe you have other, very bright lights in the scene and the tonemapper is automatic?
Try to raise the gain of the mesh light or lower the gain of the other light sources.
See also the first questions/answers here:

(m9105826) #38

Forcing volumes onto the user to get SSS isn’t exactly a friendly workflow in 2018, considering the options available now. I hope this gets revisited in the future.

(numen22) #39

Congratulations to the developers! Lux is a real classic and I enjoyed previously using lux classic for the not so common spectral and bidirectional features and later also lux core which had great Blender integration.

(Atair) #40

Geometry translation is much faster than cycles - and light cache would make blender finally an option for archviz… (if other features are present… just started exploring)
some kind of proxy system (with precomputed acceleration structures) for really heavy geometry would be nice too…