LuxCoreRender 2.0

(oaschwab) #161

I’m getting an error installing the newest alpha. Version 2.79b. Username replaced in error for privacy.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\modules\”, line 331, in enable
mod = import(module_name)
File “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\”, line 13, in
from .bin import pyluxcore
ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #162

Hi, unfortunately this error message is not very specific, so it could have some very different causes:

(oaschwab) #163

Thank you BYOB, the first download fixed the problem for me.

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #164

I’m working on a new panel that shows the statistics of each render slot. You can also compare two slots, it will highlight which values are better/worse (where applicable).

And I’m finally adding support for image sequences:

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #165

Some updates:

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #166

We have released v2.1alpha4.
Added since v2.1alpha3:

We would be happy if you test it and report any issues.

(Shylon) #167

hi @B.Y.O.B , in my computer denoise (alpha3 blender 2.79b win/linux) takes lots of render time and I can’t cancel it, for example a render takes around ~2 min without denoise and with denoise it takes 7 min, I render on opencl with gpu (R9 390), seems Lux render denoise on cpu(i have old dual core). is there work around?

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #168

5 minutes for denoising sounds way too long.
What resolution does your render have?
Did you leave the denoiser settings at default values or did you change something? Some settings can cause the denoising to take a lot longer.

(Shylon) #169

well, yes it is too long, i used default denoise settings, also the resolution is 1280x720, using opencl & path, halt condition = 500, also tested with default cube with different settings, but same and takes too long to denoise (~3 min).
also I should note that the denoise is not clean like Cycles-render

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #170

You can try to lower the search window radius, for example from default 6 to 3. This should make it faster.

The denoiser we use is BCD, which is intended for production scenes with high sample counts.
It works best with uncorrelated samples, so I would recommend to use the Random or Sobol sampler.
We are aware that the denoiser sometimes has problems with overblurring dark shadows that show little details.

(Shylon) #171

is there any GPU-based denoiser alternative to BCD? using opengl or opencl to denoise the image. then that would be much better for those who have better gpu. anyway thanks for replies

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #172

You could try this standalone nvidia denoiser:
One of our users seems to have made good experiences with it, but I have not tested it myself.

However, if you have such problems with noise even with your fast GPU, there might be some problems in your scene setup. If you make a thread where you upload your scene and a rendered image, I could look into it and check if we can optimize something. You can make a thread in our forum or here on Blenderartists (but remember to mention me if you open the thread here, otherwise I will probably miss it).

(Shylon) #173

Ok, thank you again

(3DLuver) #174

Ive been playing with the new alpha, when I enable tiled rendering things render as should but the denoiser just gives a black screen, Is this normal? IS denoiseing only when in non tiled mode? If so please could you find a way to support the denoiser on tiled renders. Cheers J

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #175

The denoiser already works with tiled rendering.
However, you have to set the AA samples to exactly 1 (the default is 3).
I have fixed this problem after v2.1alpha4, in the next release this will be handled automatically in the background.

If you still have problems after changing this, please upload a scene that shows the problem so I can look into it.

(3DLuver) #176

Hey bud, Ive just tried that and now after hitting render i get this error:

RuntimeError: Error opening image file : C:\Users\MAINAD~1\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpk7yhfkme.png (error = Not a PNG file)
ERROR: Error opening image file : C:\Users\MAINAD~1\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpk7yhfkme.png (error = Not a PNG file)
Error: Error opening image file : C:\Users\MAINAD~1\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpk7yhfkme.png (error = Not a PNG file)

the render refuses to even start

Restarted Blender and all is working again?

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #177

Did you clear your temp folder between renders?
What file type are your textures, do you use .dds textures?

(3DLuver) #178

No didnt clean the folder but the texture isnt even a scene texture, think it was related to the denoise pass. Restarted blender and all was OK. But thought I should let you know the error incase important.

It renders again fine now but still getting a black image, Im using the direct light sampling mode

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #179

What do you mean? The new direct light sampling cache or something else?

(3DLuver) #180

yeah sampling cache, does the same for log power