LuxCoreRender v2.3

The v2.2 has been released and it is time to open a new thread for the v2.3. This is a small pre-view of what has been already developed for v2.3:


(Full image at

The first image is normal path tracing, the second is hybrid forward/backward path tracing and the latest is hybrid forward/backward path tracing with SDS path cache (i.e. caustics seen trough specular surfaces).
All the images where rendered using a GPU. The first two rendering modes are already available in v2.2, the latest in v2.3.

In the meantime, we are also collecting idea for v2.3:


Hybrid looks best. The bottom image looks most accurate to physical world rays and shadows.

KintuX’s pool test scene:


woah ! real caustic ? no tricks ? i presums cycles cannot do this right ?

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No tricks. This rendering included 3 features Cycles doesn’t support:

  • Water dispersion (the small rainbow-like colors under water);
  • Directly visible caustics (the caustics on the walls);
  • Underwater caustics (they are called SDS paths and are some of the hardest feature to render).

is LuxCore Avaible as a simple “addon installation” or it’s a whole new branch ? (i suppose that all the materials from cycles are not backward compatible ?)

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Hi, you can download the latest build from Git and test with Blender 2.80 or 2.79.
You can use Cycles materials but not all converted perfect as the 2.80 addon is still WiP. This “Daily” builds are in alpha stage.
Install the .zip like other addons, it include the complete Luxcore.

Cheers, mib


render time?

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According to Kintux, 15 minutes.

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I am really enjoying this new version. The caustics and glass look beautiful.


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I’ve been a long time LuxCore/LuxRender user and the latest releases have done a great job at adding features that improve rendering without too much hassle. The indirect light cache has been working great for me now, very little tweaking required.

Please do check out the potential features for work in V2.3

These will be able to be voted on soon! Second link in the first post

To give some more information in addition to what mib2berlin said:
The addon is available as a simple .zip package that contains everything you need, install it the usual way through the user preferences.
I’m working on support for Cycles nodes, you can check here which nodes are supported so far.
There’s also a video showing how to render a Cycles scene in LuxCore with a few clicks:


nice to know we can use both in a same blender !

In case someone wonder what caustics can be used for in a “real world” work, aside from test fancy scenes: Hotel pool area concept

What is the difference between the 2.80 third choice and the 7th choice. They are both 64 bit open cl windows builds. Are they both addons? Which one can I install as a addon in blender 2.80? Thanks

Do you mean in this page ?

“” is for Blender v2.8x.

“” is for Blender v.279b (and it will soon be dropped because LuxCoreRender v2.2 was the last version to support Blender pre-2.8x).

Thanks Dade. That is what I thought.

Is sds available in the version released between 6 and 7 hours ago? It is a 2.2 version in preferences. But does it have the 2.3 features? Thanks

I am rendering a kitchen scene. Would I enable “Direct light sampling cache?”

Enable DLSC if you have lots of lights in your scene (or multi faced meshlights).

Use Photon GI indirect cache if there’s a decent bit of indirect lighting

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