LuxCoreRender v2.5

Do you mean the viewport preview, material tab preview or another one?

The preview on the left is below the material slots by default.

I mean the material-preview mode in the viewport.

That should be what your looking for, that is the viewport in the top middle.

I think what he wants is the EEVEE shaded material preview you get with Cycles. With LuxCore, the Material Preview is a raytraced albedo pass.

I actually think it’s a bit sad to have it completely replaced, because if you are using Cycles materials and rely on the auto-conversion to LuxCore, the Material Preview would still make sense.
Of course I wouldn’t recommend relying only on the materials’ auto-conversion, but it could still be useful.


Ahh of course, yeah that would be handy.

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That’s the main reason for me to not use luxcore.

The best we can do is ask @B.Y.O.B if there are any plans to make LuxCore compatible with EEVEE preview. The principled shader should be compatible in theory.

but lux lighting is so much better than cycles !

and caustics !


Testing out Optix / RTX on Under development Blendluxcore 2.5 :


too bad that optix viewport makes my macPro shut down like there is a power overload.
Also happens with Blender and optix.

Previous optix (7.0) worked well

That would be great, I was even thinking if there was a bounty for it I could pitch a little bit.

But if the workflow on creating scenes is slow, it doesn’t help so much.

I have noticed that for small assets creation is fine, but when you start assembling the whole scene then is when EEVEE shines. And there in when I get stuck and jump on cycles.

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I was talking about the possibility to have a realtime engine inside Luxcore as the blender API do not allow external renderer to easily connect with eeevee.
Link below :


I guess it would just be very helpful to have a visual mode that shows the materials well enough so you can get an idea what they look like without actually having to render them. Basically what the Material Preview Mode in Blender does. Not sure if Luxcore supports that. This will help a lot when it’s about distinguishing different materials and with placing objects in the scene where the materials define where objects have to go.

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Yes this will be less complicated i guess and more efficient. Nice idea.
Also instead of a completelly new RT engine speed up path tracing non caching performace could also help a lot while doing viewport stuff.

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When dealing with scenes like this one, it’s very helpful to see where you have to place your objects without having to render the scene all the time.

And it would be great if multiple materials per object would be supported as well. This scene here uses a lot of them.

I’m the one who commented there. But the developer didn’t chime in, so it feels like there is no so much interest on that.

Patience. They will see it eventually. Until then, they are working on other improvements.

BTW i’m glad to share with you a product advertising project i was involving in last year with luxcore :


Another Animation i made with luxcore. but this time it is with luxcore stock settings no cache or caustic enable just clamping.



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