LUXO (pixar's lamp) -- constraint test

Here’s a model I made of pixar’s lamp, mostly to practise using constraints so I can move it realisticly. I think I’ll redo it with an armature though, so I can use IK to animate it, by only moving the base and head (easy :D)

I’m going to make a tiny animation to show the constraints in action.

The animation. (I know it’s really cheap, I was just checking if things work as they should)

Too bad, I can’t see it. Can you upload it on Vimeo ?

That is a really nice lamp!! Very nice modeling BonE. The animation isn’t an award winning short film, but the constraints look spot on. Can’t wait to see what else you can do with this!

Ya, can you vimeo it? That whole quicktime thing is a mess. nice model though.

youtube’d it, sorry, i"m not on vimeo yet

The modeling is Great the animation on the other hand is ok… The slow motion in the scene is a real distraction point for me. I would keep it up because this is a great start. I woul love to learn how you rigged that. The constraints look good so far.

The animation looks great to me, the fact that the model didn’t deform or go to pot means that when you do the final piece it should look really fluid and natural. I’m looking forward to seeing this on in the future, lets just hope Pixar don’t get angry about you using their mascot/logo/thing :rolleyes:

tried making an IK rig, moving the base has a bug at the moment, I’ll get to that soon though.
Either download it (about 4.5mb zipped, only works with newer unzip programs)
or see it on youtube

That’s a really nice model and rig! Are you planning to do a real animation with it? I mean: an animation with good lighting and materials? I think the model deserves a proper animation and I’m pretty sure it would turn out great!

Btw: I would like to see how you built that rig, since I’m still learning how to make good rigs. I made luxo once myself but the rig was pretty bad: I had to move each bone every frame. I’m wondering whether one should actually call that a rig. :wink: :o