Luxology Announces "Good Student" pricing for Modo

Luxology’s Modo, the current talk of the CG industry and one of the best modeling tools available, has recently been educationally priced.

With a list price of $895 after the introductory period, any student who can prove a GPA of 3.0 or above qualifies for “good student” pricing: $99.

My my. Sign me up.

Thought you all would be interested. I’m sure that Modo exports .obj files readily useable by Blender, and I know it is quite compatible with Lightwave, which makes me happy. You should all watch some of the video clips of Modo in action, they’re nothing short of staggering.


oh my.

sign me up too.

that is awesome. I may actually buy that…

I’ve been playing with Modo for about two hours now. Oh my, my my my. This program rocks. I’m incredibly impressed.

If you haven’t yet, you have to check out the demo vids at

Awesome program.

Holy crap! At first I thought they meant $99 off!

Money is burning a hole in my pocket…