LuxRender 0.6 RC3

I just wanted to say a quick Bravo to the LuxRender team, I have never been one for unbiased engines. I do not have a powerful pc so I just tended to shy away, once in a blue moon I would experiment but never really convert over.

But this RC3 has been something else I tried out a quick render of my BMW, check my signature, and it was blazingly fast. I am blown away, when this is comes out as a proper release it will be one awesome release. I have been converted and as far as any hard surface still rendering Lux has just become my renderer of choice.:yes:

I have a great amount of respect for LuxRender, but its painfully slow usually. I much prefer Yafaray. I’ll download it and give it a whirl though. I downloaded RC1 and liked it.

Of all the external renderers, I think Lux is going to be the tightest integration (until we have the ‘Duke Nukem Forever-esque’ Render API). They are so far the only external renderer to reproduce our proceedural textures on board. If they can bung in a biased solution to get times down, they would be laughing.

I believe that they are doing that…

Anyway, using direct lighting and lightgroups you get loads of control and really fast turnaround (because it’s progressive rendering the feedback is quite quick and you can start balancing colours and intensities on the fly… way faster than re rendering

when you’re happy set of all the fancy options for the nice and “physically correct” stuff…

And as for speed, they haven’t even begun optimising for modern processors and stuff yet…

The speed of development seems impressive too.

…now if they could just get hair, volumetrics and particles going nicely…

…and multiple UV sets, render passes and a node editor for surfaces…

But hey, great job so far!

mh I see some LuxRenderings and they take as long as Yafaray.

20 to 30 hours for Yafaray is not what I consider fast

are there any renderer comparable to what blender is right now? ive been looking around and i think luxrender is the closest (this is a view of a beginner). i checked other open source yafray and sunflower but there seems to be not much going around. there are also other freeware like indigo and kerkythea but they turn their focus in commercial. is luxrender the best choice?

Given you are a beginner, I would recommend there is a whole lot of great stuff in Blender’s internal renderer to learn and use. Then I’d look at Pixie or Aqsis ar a quick - robust production ready render system. PRman compliant renderers are fast and memory efficient by design.


If you are a beginner I would recommend either B.I., Lux or Yafaray, I would be hesitant to recommend Aqsis, I do use it and the MOSAIC script but compared to the LUX or Yafaray export script MOSAIC is more involved and complex beast. There is good and comprehensive documentation at WHiTeRaBBiT, MOSAIC author, blog but unless you are a bit familar with How to use shadow maps, enviromental maps etc and have some basic understanding of How a RenderMan renderers works it could all get a bit overwhelming. I have been using Aqsis for about seven months now and there is still a ton of things for me to learn.

thanks guys for the info, im going to check those out.

update, i checked out pixie and aqsis, and its complex!
i even found complete blender to renderman sort of like studio production here

i think going to stick with B.I and lux.


as far as yafaray is biased it still needs many AA passes/samples to produce quality renderings

I hope lux team came with some biased solution… as start would be nice to ressurect photonmap integrator :slight_smile:

It depends on what you want to do . If you want to render out realistic stills, then Yafaray or LuxRender are your best choices. The only real problem I’ve found with either is that if you hand either of them anything really complex, they can fall over - which drops you back at trying to get something useable out of BI.

If you want to do animation, then Blender Internal is your best choice (unless you have access to a renderfarm!).

Renderman (Aqsis, Pixie and 3Delight) is really cool for both, but the pipeline from Blender is kinda complex at the moment. Check out the Mosaic script elsewhere in the forum for the best existing implementation of that. White Rabbit, who runs it, is promising a pretty feature rich release for the next version.

Personally i think Luxrenderer is an amazing piece of software, comparable with maxwell, in qaulity terms, although it does need to be sped up quite abit. However maxwell has this issue too, there is quite a long debate about maxwell vs vray vs mentral ray on CGtalk, quite a good read, with a few example images. Yafaray is really quick, in most cases compared to lux, however the latest build is pretty quick compared to RC2, i tried the new accerlator, bqvh? or something like that on a car model and just after 1 hour (at HD res.) it was looking quite nice. Another thing i love about lux is the exporter interface, i prefer it over even the internal render engine, nicely layed out, easy to understand and follow, with alot of settings if required. I actaully said in another thread that i wanted the internal render engine to be beefed up for durian, which i kind of do, because with the nodes it has so much potential, but after trying mosaic with 3delight, yafaray and lux, well i’d rather have a solid API, and have a biased/ unbiased lux running with blender, that can also work with nodes. That’d be a win/win situation :slight_smile:

The new Luxrender Release Candidates are quite powerful, indeed!
The script works very well, it offers all I needed from Indigo as well (like Lighting Groups, interactive Tone Mapping and even much more!), it’s speed is just what you can expect from an unbiased engine (honestly, if you really care for speed, look at something else!) and the quality is very nice. Even the documentation isn’t bad, in my opinion much better than Indigo’s. Now that Indigo goes commercial, it will be my #1 choice for unbiased rendering engines and I’m looking forward to the future of this project - its development seems to be really great at the moment!
What is necessary now is an active community just like the one indigo has (or had?).

Daniel what is the url of that thread.


here is the link, it’s actaully about the release of maxwell v2.0, but it seems to have gone a little off-topic. About the luxrender comminuty, i think it’d be good to have a forum on here, just under the blender test called “external renderers” or whatever, that is dedicated to lux, yafaray etc a place where blender heads can embrace the software aswell as the software devs from those render engines finding new fans, sorting of bridging the comminuty gap, in away.


thanks, im just doing stills, i will try to learn lux


yes, that would be great, even an off-topic sticky for lux and an python sticky for luxblend.

@daniel8488 I think that the point you make about a community is very important one. what has impressed me about lux more so than the technology was their site and forum. Its very good. The documentation is good, the galleries have good works etc.

But a thread started here to highlight and perharps bring attention to some of the execellent external render engines that now exisits such as Lux, yafaray and aqsis would be cool