Luxrender 0.7 released

Looks like 0.7 been released.

I wonder if one of the builders like Filiciss will bundle Lux 0.7 and the 2.5 exporter with their latest Blender builds like Filiciss has done with SmallLux (because that worked very well with little to no fuss)?

Does this one still take hours to render a simple scene?

No comment, lol :rolleyes:. LuxRender is an unbiased render engine - what od you expect? By the way, the LuxRender team is now officially working on integrating the GPU-acclerated rendering (called LuxRays I think).


this technique is just slow but good.

however the GPU implementation is bringing great results.
lately they put in stochastic photon mapping and that one is fast.

And on top of that, the way external render engines can be integrated into Blender is much better now.

SmallLux for example replaces the render and material panels with options supported by the renderer and will even convert over what it can if you had that material set up for BI. (the values convert over if you switch to SmallLux as your renderer)

Compare that with the clutzfest of how it had to be done in 2.49 and all of a sudden using an external renderer is a lot easier and more practical.

One major reason I was against using an external renderer in the 2.4x days was how clunky things were to render in an external renderer, 2.5 can see it integrated almost as if it was the native renderer, much less hassle especially if you download a build with it already bundled for you.

Would be nice to have direct feedback from external engines, so once the render is done then send it back (with different passes and channels) to Blender 2.5, and without having extra windows.

is 0.7 compatible with 2.5?

You might be referring to LUXBLEND and whether it works OK in 2.5.

So far - not for me with latest 2.5 builds.

This is what I and many others ends up with:

Nothing under the Luxrender settings, blank - PLUS many errors in the Console!

I have asked about this but am told:

“Please note: LuxBlend for Blender 2.5 is still highly experimental, don’t be surprised if it don’t works (I guess it’s currently broken by yet another Blender API change).”


I do not even get the LuxBlend render exporter show up.

But I have to agree with AD here. The way how render exporters
can be integrated now is the way it should have been done since
a long time!

We have no redundant interfaces anymore.

to solve your problem look at this thread
it worked for me

If the issue is file-paths then I wonder if that’s an issue with SmallLux as well?

It may work for me just fine because Filiciss has set things up so the actual SmallLux .exe is in a folder inside the Blender folder.