LuxRender 1.0RC1 released!


Downloads page:

Source code:

LuxBlend (included in the main download, at least on some platforms, check yours first):

The new stuff:

  • much improved SPPM rendering (stochastic progressive photon mapping)
  • much improved hybrid path rendering
  • new hybrid bidir rendering
  • improved network rendering with better reconnect logic
  • improved rendering speed and memory usage
  • updated GUI
  • point and spot lights now have lighting power and efficacy parameters like area lights
  • normal mapping support
  • much improved motion capabilities
  • updated carpaint model so that it better matches the original paper
  • new colordepth texture to assist in defining volume parameters from their appearance
  • new layered material allowing arbitrary layering of materials
  • new glossycoating material allowing to make any material glossy
  • new fresnel functions to allow configuration from RGB colors, mixing, gradients, …
  • new metal2 material much more flexible than the previous metal material
  • colorspace fixes
  • better linear tonemapper behaviour regarding real lighting schemes
  • improved loop subivision surfaces handling
  • new direct sampling of lights for bidirectional
  • faster image buffer handling
  • new SQBVH accelerator given better results than standard QBVH (still experimental)
  • much improved build system with reduced executable sizes thanks to the use of DLLs
  • lots of bug fixes and improvements all around

Also, for LuxBlend, you’ll find lots of new toys, including a new streamlined render settings panel, compositor support, on-the-fly updating of 3D view colors, support for some render API features (such as updating the render progress bar and partial scene export), an option to export point lights as spherical area lights, and, of course, support for the new features in LuxRender 1.0. :slight_smile:

Happy blending, and let us know what issues you find!

That is quite an impressive list of new/improved features. Thanks for bringing this to us.

I hope to soon find time to get more time to play with all the new things added to lux.

Blender is crashing for me everytime i try sppm rendering internally. I’m using Windows 64bit.

Known issue, switch your sampler to “random” (instead of metropolis) when using SPPM.

Impressive! Love @ Lux & congrats to the team. Your work is awesome!

I just wanted to flesh out this point a bit for those who haven’t followed the dev progress closely. The “Partial PLY export” option now uses the Update API from Blender to “intelligently” determine which meshes it needs to export since last time.

This is of course limited to within the same Blender session. It also doesn’t do deep inspection, so for example simply entering and exiting edit mode will trigger a re-export.

Also note that due to internal Blender limitations it will not be able to determine changes which doesn’t affect the viewport. So if you for example change the render subdiv amount, but not the preview amount, it will think the mesh is the same. Simply force an update by changing the preview amount or entering edit mode.

But if you simply move an object then it should just export the changed transformation, and not the PLY file, which can cut down on the exporter time significantly when tweaking.

This is indeed a very impressive list, congratulations on jumping to version 1.0! :slight_smile:

I downloaded it, and tested with current 2.62 Trunk from today and it works fine. The UI became better in my opinion and it’s quite well integrated already!

What about rendering in the 3D View? Anything planed?

Congrats again,

How to enable slg ??

Where can I find the exporter for Blender 2.62?

The LuxRender architecture really isn’t made for dynamic updates of that nature, however we’re toying with some better SLG integration… we’ll see :slight_smile:

You’ll need the SLG exporter, latest version can be found here:

Should work to just use the “Install Add-On” button in Blender.

At least the Windows and OSX archives contain LuxBlend, I can’t recall if the Linux ones does as well. For Windows please read the README file.

If you can’t use the prepackaged ones you can download the latest version here
Copy the “luxrender” directory in the “src” subdirectory to your scripts/addons.

Thanks Lord Crc , it works fine now :slight_smile:

EDIT: I cannot use the Open CL , I don’t even know how to enable that, so many rendering features but SO messy, would be better if you have less features but in a much cleaner way, the UI is terrible, hard to set up even the most basic things, Cycles has less options and works much better.

Just select “hybrid path” from the “rendering mode” menu. That’s it.

How would you like to see the UI go? Lux and LuxBlend are open source apps, if you think they could be better, help improve them. We’re open to patches or suggestions.

If I choice “hybrid path” I get this error:

[2012-04-16 18:30:07 Error: 3] The LightsSamplingStrategy must be ONE_UNIFORM.

About the UI, just copy some nice UI like cycles or octane, KISS (keep it simple,stupid), delete unused or old render systems, I don’t get the point in having such a list of techniques if there’s only 1 or 2 ready for production without entering in an insane amount of rendertime. Better focus in a small list and a huge list.

You’re using an old copy of pylux, hence this error. You’ll have to update pylux as well of course, you should find it in the 1.0 RC1 downloads.

edit: I was assuming you used internal rendering. If not then you need to check your path to LuxRender, make sure it points to the right place.

I can only see external as option, not internal, I don’t know how to manage such an amount of options, features, versions and so on, I think I’ll stick with Cycles, thanks anyway, good luck.

Ditto for Linux version. Everything’s included, and i encourage to read the README file.

Seems it picked up your old LuxRender path setting then. This is something we could improve I think.

Some time ago I thought about adding a global “show advanced options” checkbox, so we could hide a lot of the options which are not needed for most users. Seems a good time to take another look at that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

Congratulations for the release to Luxrender team!
I second the “show advanced options” checkbox.
I’ll test it with some internal scenes where Cycles is less than ideal, but will really miss the realtime viewport rendering for quick material tweaking, just saying.

Wow, this renderer is epic. I have known about it for awhile, but never messed with it much. I was having trouble until I noticed a little button in the materials dialog “convert Blender materials” or something like that, clicked it, and pow, all is well. The renders are so much nicer than even what Cycles puts out (with basic non-node materials, I know I could achieve a good effect with Cycles, and am not bashing it in any way).

Congrats on 1.0RC1. :slight_smile: