LuxRender 1.3 is out!

Full GPU rendering (including AMD, as well as CPU+GPU rendering), node editor support, much better smoke and hair rendering, faster material previews, instanced and motion-blurred lights, and more!

looks like a fun toy, not that it is not powerful…that came out wrong…I am a game developer so it has near no use for me, but I would like to see it render…I’m addicted to watching things render :slight_smile: .

Finally. Sad to see Dade go “Dark side”, from pure Monte-Carlo toward archaic but eye-catchy for newcomers first fromcamera vertex tweaks. Is it Maxwell render that only who hold strong position ? I really expect to see something like better quasi-random algorithms, QMC for Markov chain in MLT, modern Brownian bridge things, not that “no caustic” and pdf treshold among other. And seems that issue with modern Boost not solved.

I’m addicted to watching things render :slight_smile: .

You too? My record watching something like 5+ hours to extreme very noisy scene after big change in volumetric patch, i was so lazy to sove problem proper way, analytically, as logic was complex, and just fire render in hope to see artifacts. There is something hypnotic to see how something appearing from ugly white noise , every hour few more details :slight_smile:

Back to topic, as i now trying to make MCMC/MLT sampling in volumteric patch, i must admit, that algorithm with initial “seeds”, used in Luxrender default “MLT bidirectional” mode, really rocks. I use very hackish way, just to see how it work in principal, and speed increase is stunning in some cases. (no pictures/ patches, as it too hackish and full of artifacts) So, current Luxrender is very efficient, i always get bad feel when someone say it slow. The only problem i see that it does not use low discrepance for Markov Chain walk. As result, with Luxrender you see extreme fast first samples converging, and then it looks like converfing stopped (pure 1/SQRT(N) converging). I know, QMC is hard to use with it, but sure that is must have to get better quality. Otherwise we go backwards, to good old Gourand 3d mapped textured gradients that can render millions frames per second on any cheap modern GPU hardware. That is boring.


Path/PathOCL still exist and will have all the new features that come to SLG (Mats etc…) as well as BiasPathOC/BiasPath as well as the standard Lux render modes :stuck_out_tongue: It is however, an interesting deviation from LuxRender’s original physically correct and based idea, but one I welcome as a alternative when needed.

Thank you for heads up! New Lux seems to work fine with all my PCs. Wonderful thing that it uses plain vanilla Blender and no special version is needed! I have too many versions of Blender lying around already.

is the new biased path tracer available in this release?

+1 is it available?

I was checking the site till yesterday and BAM! new release today.

It brings only good feature, congratulations to team.

I didn’t used to as much, but I do so enjoy new Luxrender releases now :slight_smile: Just as a heads up, I just noticed an issue when rendering hair; I get an error when trying to export hair children, and the export fails.

Just as a heads up, I just noticed an issue when rendering hair; I get an error when trying to export hair children, and the export fails.

Thats odd you fail with hair children, i just tried and could not verify.
Perhaps post a .blend so we can examine the issue.