Luxrender 1.6 RC1

Hi, the Luxrender team released a Release Candidate for the upcoming Luxrender 1.6.
To much new features and fixes to list here. :yes:

Luxrender addon is included.

Cheers, mib

please note that LuxCore is not compatible with python 3.5 so, at the moment, it’s not possible to use with blender2.77.

@marcatore, :(Hugh…but anyway, great team with great tool. Maybe, ij next release itll be improve.

I imagine that lux render will now get a lot of users now since you can convert cycles mats to Lux render mats…

just need to get that bl, 3.5 support…

Seems anybody wanna say something but never listen: The incompatibility with Blender 2.77 should be only on Windows !
I tested Linux and OSX pyluxcore version 1.6RC1 just fine with Blender 2.77.
Although we will compile the release with python 3.5 when imminent.


I’m sorry to forget that the issue about blender 2.77 and python 3.5 is for the Windows version.

Sorry for the uncorrect information.

When my two AMD Radeon 390 arrive in about a week, I think I’ll test Lux quite a bit, since Cycles’ support for OpenCL is so limited at the moment. I might even move to Lux from now on if I get better results than with Cycles.

Good job on Lux, guys!

FYI: we fixed the windows problems and the actual builds support blender 2.77 ( python 3.5 )

Means: Windows 1.6RC1, with Python 3.5, running. The build is # 16090


Luxrender works now for me on GPU. I’ve waited for this for 2 years. Today I updated the Graphics and supports now openCL. Luxcore Gui is a bit strange for me, so I prefer to render it in Blender instead. I might consider to dive more into lux… eh lux things. I’ll take it easy with it, because I don’t wan’t to spend much time trying out all kinds of things which keeps me from being productive.
Anyway thanks for the update.

Only one question as I am an animator:

Deformation Motion Blur? Can it be ever added in such a complex engine?

Thanks everyone involved for getting Lux working on 2.77. I have a problem with it though, Idon’t know if it is just me or if it is a bug. When using a hemi HDRI the is no way now to set equirectangular or probe (not too big a problem), but the main problem I have is that I can’t control light intensity. It seem light are all set to gain of 1, I cant turn them dowm. Makes render too bright. Can anyone confirm this is a bug. Or have the light settings been moved to a different place?

Im still using it on Blender 2.76 now till this is sorted out.

Thanks, Wayne (Wig42)

Would it be possible to still provide a 2.76 buid (python 3.4) for this realease? 2.77 has dropped many supported systems (OS, graphic cards, etc…) due to the switch in python and the changes in OpenGL. Or at least provide instructions on how to build with python 3.4?

Are you on windows?
If yes, follow these instructions:

The only difference is that you have to go to an older revision than the most recent one, since this use Python 3.5.
I think the right revision is a1e53e0ce48b41a6785b6ed7eec73b10bca0bd08

It should be pretty straightforward.

Check if ‘Auto’ is unticked in the tonemapping settings during render, it’s probably compensating for any light adjustments.


Thanks zeeapal, that was what it was. It took me a long time to find those settings lol, never seen them before, but it has fixed it. Thanks again mate.

Wayne, (Wig42)

LuxRender supports 2 types of motion blur:

  1. a “rigid body” transformation between 2 frames;
  2. a “rigid body” transformation with multiple key points between 2 frames;

However it doesn’t support Deformation Motion Blur. The #2 type is not very common and is not available when using Intel Embree as ray intersection accelerator.

P.S. Embree supports deformation motion blur between 2 frames so it may be added in the future.

LuxCore GUI is mostly intended for developers as a demo of the API. LuxBlend supports pretty much everything available in LuxCore so Blender users should not need to fall back to LuxCore GUI in any case (aside from real-time rendering:

Anyway, an effort to port old LuxRender GUI to LuxCore is in progress and should be available in v1.7.

Congrats for the new version :slight_smile:

The auto conversion is really a good idea. When it’s polished, it will make really switching to Luxcore possible in affordable times for professionals with big libraries.

I tested the material conversion on the Barcelona Pavillon scene: and got this result.

  1. Bug or user mistake? I chose a bright pink for failed conversions. But trees are white (should be green if successful or pink otherwise). I did the conversion in all scenes as the trees here are in an “asset” scene and it seems the conversion only applies to current scene?
    I had to set the glass to Luxcore’s Glass material with architectural option manually. The automatic conversion made it pure metal for some reason. The scene is free to use, maybe it would be a good showcase/test file ?
  2. Where can I find the variance clamping option? It looks awesome and needed in this scene.


Looks like it’s missing the green colour channel?

^How do you explain yellow then?

It is bad conversion, that’s all. Had issues myself, never used it again.