LuxRender 2 compability to Portable Blender?

Just a quick question. Is it possible to have LuxRender v2.0 with portable version of Blender? I’m using an AMD card (not sure what, can’t check it either since i’m at work. Will update later). I mean that as part of Blender, not as a separate application.

Would that be possible? If so, how?
(I do remember reading something about moving to scripts/addons, but i’m not 100% sure.)

LuxRender v2.0 isn’t released, there is still a fair bit of work porting features from Lux v1.x across.

As for having the current version of LuxRender work in Blender portable, I think you can get the inbuilt render mode working (not the separate application) for the portable version. If you install LuxBlend (which includes the pylux material preview part) to the addons/preferences folder for the Blender portable install, that should work.