LuxRender and GPU

I use LuxRender for a few weeks and I’m impressed from the results but rendering lasts really long. After 40 minute my simple interior scene looks still really, really bad.
So I thought about GPU or hybrid rendering and searched for it but without any good result.
I read about LuxRays and SmallluxGPU but I can’t neither find a download for one of those nor a tutorial.
Now my question^^ Does GPU or hybrid rendering speed my render up and where to download or install a Luxrender “GPU-Version”

I’ve got an AMD 450 3x3,2GHz and a AMD HD6850

Thanks for any response ;D

It can. In 0.8, hybrid (GPU+CPU) rendering is limited to path tracing, and your light sampling method is limited to checking 1 light at a time (can be good if your lights are hidden, but but inefficient if you have a lot of directly visible lights).

If you are going to use GPU rendering, I highly recommend you head over to graphicall and grab an 0.9 dev build of LuxRender:

In 0.9, hybrid path uses WAYY less RAM and supports sampling all lights at once (useful with lots of directly visible lights) or disabling direct light sampling entirely (useful for environment map lit scenes, and not even the CPU path tracer supported this in 0.8). Support for bidirectional path tracing (much better for interiors or hard-to-hit lights) with GPUs is also coming in 0.9, although it’s only half-finished atm. (you can check how it’s speed stacks up vs the regular CPU renderer(over 85% on my box!), but that’s about it. The images it gets are all wrong, since it currently lacks a few important pieces of code)

I just figured out why Hybrid mode diddn’t work for me. Now I can render in hybrid mode but there isn’t any object in the rendered scene ^^
I will try out the 0.9 dev build. Maybe it works better if not, I have to decrease the resolution and render overnight for a good result.
Thank you for the quick answer :smiley:
I think I will like this forum

Same problem with 0.9. If rendering in hybrid mode the scene is emphty. The regular CPU render looks normal with all my objects and textures.