Luxrender animation

Hi all,
I am creating an animation and rendering it in Luxrender. Everything is working but Luxrender keeps rendering the first frame. How do I specify to lux when to move on to next frame?
Many thanks.:slight_smile:

In luxblend, you can specify the amount of samples / time you want lux to spend on it before moving on in the render settings.

It’s under ‘halt spp’ and ‘halt time’

Thanks for that… By the way, can anyone tell me what is luxblend… Is it the same as Luxrender?

luxblend is the luxrender plugin for blender.

Luxrender is not fantastic for animations, even using the SPPM or ExPhotonMap options. The SPP setting doesn’t always work correctly, giving unrendered spots on some frames, and the time it takes for noise to converge is ridiculous. Luxrender is known to be very slow in general, but can give awesome results as far as realism is concerned if you have the patience.

That’s a short render I did using Lux. Even with the compression of Youtube, you can see noise variations. And towards the end an unfinished frame despite corrent samples per pixel settings. This is with 256 SPP (I believe), ExPhotonMap, plenty of photons shot (as per specific instructions from the developers in their own forums). And even they couldn’t tell me how to adequately fix the problems. My opinion is to hold of on using Lux for any kind of animations for a while.