LUXrender blender/ati

as I’ll be purchasing a 7950 3GB I might as well venture into using LUX render as a open CL based rendering application. my question is:
will the 7950 3GB perform better in LUX render when rendering animations or will it show no faster and better performance comparing it to a stand alone 6950 2GB?

or should I just get a 6950 2gb make it the master and buy 2 more low end PC with ati gpu and make a small render farm? which option would be the better choice?

I figured that it might be better to just get a fast 7950 3GB and skip building a small render farm alltogether…

P.S, I know that Nvidia cards could perform equally with AMD cards (if not better) in Open CL… but let’s just keep this an ATI thread. :slight_smile:

is the spec sheets of the cards enough to answer my question?

I’ll do my own homework. thanks. thread closed.

Hey man, sorry that no-one replied :frowning: I gave up looking at BA for LuxRender things and stayed at the LuxRender forums (could be helpful for this kind of question)

Anyway if you still want answers I can try give them :stuck_out_tongue:

ATM, I would say 1 Master + 2 slaves would be the better option. If the two slaves had an Intel SB Quad Core and a mid range ATI GPU then you should have a far better speed up. LuxRender’s GPU options rarely use the full potential of a powerful GPU due to bus overhead, however the benefit of a hybrid approach is larger scenes are supported, and all of LuxRenders features are as well.

Currently PathGPU is implemented and Bi-Dir is development is ongoing (all being constantly worked on)

You can use MLT with PathGPU if you wish, but for animations Low Discrepancy sampler gives more even results across frames.

Having 3 PC’s rendering will give you a much larger boost compared to 1 with a higher end GPU. Just make sure they are Quad Core, with probs 8GB ram min