Luxrender Ceramic Pots

I got bored with caustics so i am now able to use Luxcore GPU OpenCL for fast renders, and no fireflies as long as you dont use the sun lamp.

It uses a spotlight and a HEMI light with an JPEG image rather than HDR( i think a large HDR would cause the OpenCL problems if i remember) Non the less i really like the results.

I want to get a water simulation of milk coming out of the jug and into the bowl, but dont know if it will be possible… Using Luxrender volumetric material of course.

Critique welcome.


That’s pretty cool reflections for low dynamic range image! I like the second, ‘cooler’ render, better.

Got the fluid simulation working ok, but making the milk material is a challenge. Apparently milk can have thousands of scattering events before the light comes out. As you can see so far ive only been able to make it look like coffee.
interestingly Luxrender is using pure OpenCL for this so looks like AMD OpenCL cycles could support volume rendering in the future as well.


more test rendering. Its now looking like liquid paper or something… The good thing is that this is lightening fast to render.

Render time 7 minutes on HD7970 1140 samples per pixel.


I curious to see how it looks in a realistic setting.

Still trying to get the liquid to look white. This is 3,250 samples and took 20 mins.


Update. Simulating milk as a volume is a nightmare. may have to resort to using a glossy/translucent material, which wont have the realistic look.

If you’re wondering why the first renders look so clear, its because i ran it overnight, in GPU mode, i heavily under-clocked the card so as not to use too much electricity. Still it managed 24,000 samples per pixel.

update i finally got it to look like milk.


Cool! What was your node setup for the ceramic pots?

Din’t even need to use a node setup, it was a luxrender database material. Just the default ‘luxrender glossy material’ with a roughness of 0.075.

Added a silver spoon, and tried to increase the quality of the fluid simulation.