Luxrender CPU only or hybrid

i downloaded luxrender today and rendered the basic monkey scene and immediately noticed an improvement compared to internal render. I then went to my current project to render it and after 5 mins of rendering my fan on my CPU was screaming and i was at 58 degrees Celsius. and combined with the noise of AMD fans, i panicked and stopped rendering.

So this is basically why im asking if you should use a hybrid of cpu and GPU or is CPU alone better.

I have an AMD Athlon II Quad Core 3GHZ


First, you can´t compare the quality of an unbiased renderer with the speed of an biased renderer, or for that matter the lack of quality of an biased renderer with the slowness of a unbiased renderer.

As you are most likely not even aware what´s the difference, read into the matter. You´ll then find out, that GPU+CPU mode is not available for all kernels luxray offers.

I´d advice you to get better cooling if it scares you, however I assume you got an Athlon 2 X4 640 which max. Temp is 71°C so you are still 13 °C under any danger.