Luxrender hates me!

Hello all, I’m having a spot of bother with luxrender. I’ve had it running fine on blender 2.59 for about 3 weeks. I have rendered 2 scenes with it and several test renders of the scene I am currently working on. Then out of the blue, it stops working with the scene I’m currently working on. I click F12 and I get a 4 second black render in blender and lux fails to open. I pop one of the previous scenes I rendered with lux into blender,click F12 and all goes according to plan.I’ve quadruple checked all the settings in both blend files and they are all the same.I cant for the life of me figure out what the hell I’ve screwed up. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like you changed a render setting in that one scene (probably an experimental one) so I’d first try using the rendering preset that contains the word “recommended”. If that doesn’t help, see if there are any error messages on Blender’s console and post it here or on the LuxRender forum. If that doesn’t help, you could always start a new file and link all objects of your current scene to it.

Hello abelabel. I,m afraid I can not find any rendering preset labeled “recommended” under any of the tabs.I dont actually know how to check the error console,will look into that now though(something I should have done a long time ago).As for appending the objects to a new file,to be honest,I could have rebuilt the entire scene from scratch in a tenth of the time I’ve spent trying to figure this out.It’s more a point of principle now and the hope that I can prevent it from happening again on a more complex scene in the future.

Ok, finally got off my arse and found the console window,which very helpfully informed me that my scene which had 3 mesh lights had no lighting,and low and behold blender had for some reason turned off the emission on all 3 lights.Something I know I did not do, and so I’ll go to be now in the delight that finally for once, it was not me that screwed things up.