Luxrender interior tutorial

Hi everyone it’s me again ! this time with a tutorial about interior rendering using luxcore aka luxrender engine.
you will learn how to setup :

1/ Luxcore engine api 2x for interior


3/ camera Dof + others

4/ darktable + gimp postprod

Hope you like the tutorial ! If yes help us making better courses by subscriving to the channel. The startup file is in the video description. Hdri is from HDRIHAVEN.

Excuse for being a bit late the tutorial was set for wednesday (got some problem while recording things because of noisy neighbour).

results :



video tutorial:

Great render sharlybg. Looks very clean and professional.
Also, thanks for the tutorial!

thanks you saiko i’m that it can help !

Wow, this is so realistic! Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve been thinking about trying Luxrender, finally I have a good reason to do it.

thanks you so much ! i also more and more to come next time !

Really great render.

Amazing lighting and mood.

I really like see people using Lux.

Unfortunately didn’t have the time to watch the tut but I’ll definitely do at some point.

I hope to see more quality Luxrender imagery like this one!

thanks guy ! I also like your work here maybe you can find time to post it on luxrender forum “finished work” :

just to say that i’ve change the Lux binary in the video tutorial description. this is one have better stability. use it with blender 2.78 series for more compatibility.

Beautiful. I would like to get a new LuxRender user but my pc memory actually isn’t so wide and with Lux it crashes often. Or maybe is LuxCore not so fully integrated and stable yet. I have followed your tutorial, quite useful not only for Lux but for every people interested in ArchiViz. I hope soon to be part of your followers. Thanks a lot

Thank you for this! I’d really like to get into Lux render, it has some real potential!

wow! Goooood!

Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. A lot to learn.

Such a pity that I can’t use this in MacOS. I can’t find anywhere a LuxCore 1.7 build for Mac!

Awesome work! Very pleasing lighting. I would like to sit down there and just enjoy the sun

So Luxrender is free to use render engine right? Well pretty good results. How long did it take to render (on what settings?).


Yes luxrender aka luxcore is opensource and free. Normally this scene can be rendered in 30mn on a single 1080ti. I let it cook for arround 45 mn on R9 390 + HD 7970.