Luxrender last question hopefully (but prob not)

Hi All,
Small problem that maybe you could help with… Doing a siple luxrender test to see if everythimg working (based on johanthan Williamsons porche tutorial number 10) and the first render came out like this… can anyone tell me why half the ground plane is black?

thanks all

Hard to tell from the pic, could you post a .blend file?

Not sure how… Can ya upload a file onto this forum?

Not sure how… Can ya upload a file onto this forum?

I think so. You can also use dropbox or something.

i did test again… here is result and i think i have attached blend file


sphere test.blend (536 KB)

i loaded your file, enabled luxrender, and pressed f12. renders correctly.

It looks like Blender is only loading half the file back in. Does it show up ok in the LuxRender GUI?

No… It shows very same result in Luxrender GUI (that is if GUI means the
Luxrender standalone and not through blender)

just noticed… it is effecting all polygons… see here…
and it is same on laptop and desktop… i have reinstalled everything… help

It looks like you’re using a pretty old version of LuxRender, upgrading to the most recent weekly build should help.

Thanks…Will try…but I only downloaded Luxrender yesterday… I think it is latest… Would that cause it.? It seems to
Be workin fine… Cept for this problem… But I will try… What version do u recommend? And will the graphicall exporter work anyway?

By the way… This is on luxblend wiki page …

Please note that you will need to use an up-to-date copy of Blender 2.5x., Blender 2.5.6 will not work!

I cannot find a download for 2.5x, only for 2.49 and 2.56 … Where can I find 2.5x?
Thanks a lot for help… We gettin there!!!:slight_smile:

download a build from that includes luxrender. possible for you?

Thanks… But…That is what I am using at moment…

which build?

Is there any possibility that the graphicall build is not compatible
With the version of Luxrender that I downloaded… Am I right in sayin
That the graphicall build only includes the exporter and ya have to download Luxrender separately…?

Sorry nico… I will check that for ya… Not at pc right now…

Blender 2.56a (trunk) rev35453 32bit + patches + contrib & external add-ons + API Doc

That the one nico…

Exactly! You still have to get a recent LuxRender version from