Luxrender, LuxCore and blender integration - thread for testing and problem solving

Hej blenderheads,

I am currently testing LuxRender, at this stage I’m greatly impressed by the quality and speed in “hard-to-render-in-cycles”-scenes (such as interiors, glass and caustic computation).
On the long run, I’d like to replace cycles (currently my main renderer) with luxrender.

The purpose of this thread is to really dig deep into the numerous integrators, that are available with luxrender (Bidirectional, Path, Biased Path, LuxCore , …), to compare results and discuss how to optimize the workflow, the rendering process and the (of course) the quality of rendered images and animations.

I’ll start off with a comparison of CPU and GPU (Nvidia 1080ti, OpenCL). Every frame had about 50 seconds to render, the OpenCL accelerated rendering was (as expected) less noisy. But to my surprise, there also is a difference in the noise pattern. To me, the noise of the CPU integrator looks more appealing. It is “softer” and lacks of high frequency peaks.

The scene is from one of my blender stack exchange answers, you can get it here:

There you can also see, how hard this scene was to render in cycles. It looks very blurry.

Finally i’ve got a lot of LuxRender and Blender related questions so far, I hope someone has some answers:

  1. How do I render animations with the luxrender standalone? I tried to export the scene (File > Export > Export Luxrender Scene), but this only exports the current frame.
  2. Did someone manage to get the LuxCore AOVs to work? I tried writing the AOVs to multilayer EXR files, but in Nuke I only see the beauty pass (in the blender image editor as well)
  3. How do I use the development builds from Luxrender 1.7? I tried to point to the builds path in the “Path” section of the blender add-on, but that doesn’t work.

Please take a look at this awesome renderer, take part in the discussion and make this thread thrive :slight_smile:
Kind regards,

Check luxcorerender at github, they reboot the project and write a new plugin for blender.