Luxrender material database

Hi folks… Could anybody tell me how to install materials from the Luxrender materials database.? I can download the file but don’t know how to install it…

In 2.57 I think it is automatic. Just select an object, click on the material tab and enable the material database. I seem to have all the materials from the database even though I did not download them.

Also you may get a better reply if you actually post these kinds of questions on the the Lux forum.

Thanks atom,
I have the materials that are preloaded alright but I am talking about the new materials that people upload to the database… Pretty sure these are not loaded already, unless I am missing something… I am using blender 2.56 .

Try a build from, with the new exporter you connect to the database from inside blender.

Cheers, mib

i belive i got the same problem… try whit this database of .lbm2
the 0.8 version don’t work whit old material .lbm :frowning:

here the link to the DB

hope help :slight_smile: