Luxrender not working

I have luxrender installed on blender v2.67 with Luxblend scripts accurately in blender. Luxrender is selected in the render drop down and enabled as the addon, saved properly, specified Luxrender Path accurately in the install directory. However when I now go to render my scene, the image editor just sits there with a checkered background and render is apparently “complete” even though nothing happened.
It doesn’t look like anything is exporting.

What message does the Blender Console say when you hit render?

The scene is lit as well, right?

When I found my copy not working at first, I did the following…

1). First, I checked to make sure that the file shortcut was to the folder containing the Luxrender.exe and not the .exe itself.
2). I went inside of the Luxrender addon folders until I found the one marked ‘Luxrender’ and just copy & pasted that into the addon folder. I lost the presets, but it worked for me.

Also, make sure you have a Luxblend25 version that was made around the time of the Luxrender build being used, I also usually check the ‘run renderer’ button so the Lux app. starts after hitting F12 (it also allows you to do things like Pause/Resume, tonemap, add filters, and change the light intensity (if you’ve enabled light groups).

Like I mentioned before, it’s not even getting to that phase. There is no console message, because the console is not coming up.

The Luxrender version is 1.1. Is that not what you ment? You’re also on Windows are you not? There really needs to be a step by step tutorial for both platforms. I’m using a Mac. However, even though the locations are different, the concept of the install is all the same, but I’m still not understanding what locations you are talking about. I can tell you where my addon’s folder is, but I don’t know if it’s the same as you are referring to.

If the addons folder you have is where all the user-made Python scripts (bundled with Blender) are kept, than yes, that is the folder I am talking about.

I’ve got nothing, still not rendering, but I have to get this figured out.

Well I haven’t used Luxblend in a long time so I’m not sure if I can help you much if you still haven’t figured it out (especially since I’m on Windows).

Have you tried asking in the Luxrender forum?

This is the screenshot in Blender

And this is the path from the OS directory location.

You’re not directing Blender to the path of the installation, you’re directing it to the path of the addon. You need to put the path to the Luxrender executable in that text box.

I already tried that too. That’s exactly what I tried from the very beginning and it still wouldn’t work. This should not be so hard. I managed to make Luxrender work flawlessly in version 2.49 and I don’t understand what is so different about this.

Edit: by the way, the console zeealpal was referring to wasn’t LuxRender’s GUI, but Blender’s terminal window, which will usually inform you of any errors Blender is seeing.

This was my original path in Blender (To the actual LuxRender install directory)

And this is my result every single time no matter what I do.

? Your screenshot shows in the ‘Path to Luxrender’ text box a path to the luxblend addon. This isn’t the path to the LuxRender binaries. If you’ve tried it already, try it again, then try rendering, and post a screenshot or copy/paste the resulting text from Blender’s terminal.

Edit: mmkay, just saw the post you made as I was typing, haha. Can you post the terminal output?

The Python console? I checked that as well. Nothing is posting in it.

Nothing? Can you post a screenshot?

Okay, so if the path is not supposed to be set to the Luxrender directory and not the luxrender add-on directory, could you just tell me exactly which directory it is and how to find it? Example: Starting here > go here > then here > then here > ending here

Sure, here’s the console while the render window was still up (behind Blender window)

I can’t know that without knowing where you installed it :wink: For example, for me on Windows ‘luxrender.exe’ (or on a Mac, it might be just ‘luxrender’ or ‘luxrender.bin’ or something?) lives in a directory called ‘C:\Program Files\Luxrender’.


Edit: the Python console isn’t Blender’s terminal, that’s for scripting. The window shown in my screenshot is the terminal. You may be able to access it by ‘Help - > Console’ or something (used to be able to on Windows, not any more) or you can just start Blender from a terminal.

Yeah, and for me I installed it to the only location that the Mac allows ‘Applications/Luxrender’ If you scroll up and look at the OS directory that I posted, the one with Luxrender and Luxrender add-on directories, that is the applications directory on a mac. Here’s the deal, I have multiple PC’s with Blender, but I really need to do this on my Macbook Pro.

So post the terminal output so we can help you! :slight_smile: