Luxrender offline?

Hi there, I’m trying to download the 64bit luxrender for linux to my EC2 instance, but the website isn’t there - DNS records are gone and direct calls to the IP listed under the whois entry time out. Anyone else experiencing this - and anyone know where I can download the Luxrender program when the site is offline?

I am also having trouble accessing the website. I Don’t know what the problem is, and this seems to be the only post anywhere about it. At least I know that its not just me.

There was another thread about it here but it seems to have disappeared. There are indeed some problems with the DNS, but all should be right again in a couple of days at most.

The site can be temporarily accessed by using lux-render instead of luxrender in the URL.

Thanks for the suggestion. The forum is available at but the 0.71 Linux 64bit download is not there (nor are any of the others). Still, it’s easy to become impatient in an era of instant internet gratification - I’ll kick back and hang on for the site to come back online in its own good time. It’s not like the Luxrender team don’t work hard! Although if anyone can link me up to a download of the 64bit standalone for unix (luxrender-0.7.1-x86_64-sse2.tar.bz2) I’d be delighted!

Yay, files are online at Nice one chaps!