Luxrender or Yafaray


Is the Lux render engine better than Yafaray and easier to use. Im having particular problems getting Yafaray to work with materials with a transparent background even saving the material in different formats. A sample problem material is attached for anyones help/comments.



Your scene is one of my very firsts tests I try with any 3D package. Cast a shadow onto another surface through the alpha of an image map.

I have not been able to get yafaray to work on my system yet, so I have been using Lux. While Lux does not support alpha channels in images (yet) it allow for manual stenciling based upon a matte file. The matte file is essentially the alpha file extracted to a B/W image.

Here is a discussion from the Lux forum based upon your topic.

I say give Lux a try, it really does work.

I strongly urge you not to think about “which render engine is better”. It’s just impossible to compare two engines like Yafaray and Luxrender because they implement fundamentally different render concepts. Yafaray is BIASED (e.g. the implemented renderalgorithms are not suited to perfectly simulate the real lighting situations - but while they can’t achieve physical correctness, they achieve “good” results, visually realistic results with the right settings and are “fast”, but do not allow progressive rendering) while Luxrender is UNBIASED (e.g. simulates the physical lighting situation “perfectly”, at least if given infinite time - this is nice for realism and it renders progressively, but it is slow).

Both engines really DO work, only very differently. So it depends on the things you want to render with them…there’s no “Better one”, there’s only the “Better one for this specific task” or the “Better one for my tastes”.

About your problem:
-> Alpha Intensity
Transparent Textures do not work with all of yafaray rendering methods, keep that in mind. Does that help?

Haha, this was actually a thread that I posted months ago, titled “To Use YafaRay or Indigo? That is the question.” What I learned from all the responses to that thread was that you have to know what is that you want and that will help you decide which render engine you choose. Essentially, what Myke just posted above me is what you need to consider.

Also, keep in mind (now this is from pure memory, sorry), biased render engines are what you need for animations and unbiased render engines are what you use for still shots/still progressions. So stick to YafaRay if you want to want raytracing for animations, otherwise, go for Luxrender if all you need is still shots. Trust me, this was well covered–it may benefit you to search up that old thread if you still need clarification—Renderman was also discussed in that thread as well.

Hope what I said helps you with your decision. Happy blendering!

To follow up what 9 said - try out Indigo - the new Blendigo builds are getting a lot better.