temporarily at ;-)

Hi everyone,
I’m posting this at various locations around the web where
people mention our project.
Due to severe problems with our previous hosting account,
our site has experienced nothing but issues since it’s launch
2.5 days ago.
Now we have also lost our domain, and the
chances of getting it back are unknown, but it might
take up to 2 weeks to get it transfered, if i can get it
transfered in the first place.
We have migrated to a new host and the site can be reached
until further notice…
please read up about our hosting issues here:

cool, i was wondering what happened to the original page when it kept saying “server not found at this location”

Hi Radiance,
I just visited your site. Very nice!!
Thank you and good luck.


Wow, you really got dicked over there, sorry to hear that. good luck