LuxRender problem on OSX

Hi there, just discovered LuxRender, trouble is that I can’t get it to work properly. The script runs fine but whenever I click ‘Render’ it says it can’t find the app even though it’s in the System tab.

Any insight, please?


Same problem here.
Any news?

i had the same problem until i opened like a normal folder in blender, and kept on unfolding until i reached “luxrender” in the folder “content”. but perhaps you did that already, then i cannot help you.
by the way, :eyebrowlift: as you are mac-users, do you have any ideas on this one?

Yeah, tried that one several times.
But with you it works?

Could be because I’m working on a special build of blender from davidlandwehr.
The fifth with version 2.46.

Let’s see what they tell me at the Lux forums :slight_smile:
Thanx for your answer!