Luxrender Problem

Hello everyone. I have a problem with luxrender. I install it follow this tutorial and when i open blender and change to luxrender and pres F12 to render its show only black window not a picture. How can i fix that? Im using luxrender version 0.8 RC3 and blender 2.57. Im totally new to all that stuff :slight_smile:

Could you post a .blend file or the log from the blender console? It’s really hard to say with so little to go on. If you are using “external” mode, did you remember to check “run renderer” and set the path to Luxrender?

These instructions worked when I used them, did you make sure the path to lux render is the path to the folder, not the exe.

What light types are you using?

RC4 has been released. Maybe help you with your issue.

I had the same problem. Make sure, you have the complete Blender and luxrender folder stored in the right place (Program files). And you also have to copy the luxblend file in to the application data from Blender, which is a hidden folder. So try to un-hide this folder, and copy the luxblend in to this folder.