LuxRender render settings

can someone explain all the render settings?

i only found this info. but its dated.

any tips how to use fast render times that doesnt give perfect results? i would like to have GI and glossy reflectiosn but it doesnt have to be perfect physical correct.

thank you.

if you need help with luxrender then this is not the right forum, try
im sure more people could help you there :slight_smile:

The only thing you’re going to be able to do is either use the experimental small GPU build or set your render preset (which sets the integrator) to direct lighting.

Also build your model on layers so anything with refraction (glass/fluids) can be removed from the scene, if you don’t need to render them to preview, don’t. Lastly, boundvolume volumetrics are the most costly, separate layer for those also.

Paollo Ciccone has a good 3 part tutorial in his podcast on all this.

Given those wishes, I would say using an unbiased renderer is somewhat illogical. While LuxRender in theory also supports biased rendering, development has not focused much on it recently.

abelabel is there a free render for blender that is fast and biased with GI and glossy reflections? :wink: he he he he he

You can “bottom-out” Lux by using a lowdiscrepancy sampler, directlighting integrator and a box filter. Set your sampler to 1 and the bounces to 1.

But it is hardly worth the wait. Just use Blender Internal.